20 Words of Encouragement for a Friend

Are you in dire need of some words of encouragement for a friend who is in a depressed or overwhelming state of mind?

Then you are on the right page, as you will find several words of encouragement that you can leverage to help your friend out of the devastating state of mind he/she is.

We have well-detailed and highly motivated words that can help cheer your friend’s glee spirit in no time.

Before we delve into these positive words of encouragement, let’s first find out the meaning of words of encouragement and their significance.

What are Words of Encouragement?

Words of encouragement are known as cheerful words that can be used to motivate a person’s mind from despair or other forms of overwhelming circumstances to a better state of mind. 

Words of encouragement can exist in the form of motivating quotes, inspiring messages, funny texts words of courage, and more.

According to psychological experts, words are effective tools in shaping human lives either positively or negatively. 

If you are being inspired negatively, your mind will always drift in the direction of getting negative reality. 

On the other hand, if you are inclined to hear positive words more often, your subconscious mind is giving attention to them, and somehow it will convey only positive things into reality for you. This is why psychology experts often advise that their patients use favorable affirmations or words of encouragement regularly. 

Words of encouragement work in a very intriguing way. This is because the more often you hear such words, your conscious mind is hearing and saving them in your subconscious mind for use later. This later time is when you are faced with the same overwhelming crisis, and your subconscious comes back to it as a positive one.

The Significance of Words of Encouragement 

Saying words of encouragement to an individual has a fascinating way of uplifting his mind from his worries and fears. It makes him feel accepted and comfortable. How it works is that it allows such a person to open his mind to you and in turn believe you. 

Words of encouragement can help you develop confidence and trust in yourself and others despite facing a daunting challenge. 

It also plays a huge role in encouraging and motivating you to achieve your life goals ( or big dreams).

Words of Encouragement for a Friend

Words of encouragement are a way of sharing your strength with another person who is down psychologically.  Remember it has nothing to do with physical strength,  but with expressive and powerful words, you will be able to put a smile on your friend’s face.

Generally, encouraging your friend with the right words will help him/ her to discover that he/she is entitled to joy and a life full of satisfaction.

20 Words of Encouragement for a Friend in Despair

To cheer that one up from the windy path of despair or depression, let’s take a look at some of the best words of encouragement for a friend below that you can make use of.

  1. Dearest forget about the storm. I know I can’t make it stop, but I can always hold your umbrella. See! You are not alone, I am right here with you.
  2. You know what I think! God gave you those difficulties because He knows you are strong enough to deal with and overpower them.
  3. Guess what I just found out! I am undoubtedly a very fortunate person. I’ve been endowed with the most incredible people in my life, and you are one of them.
  4. I know you are having a hard time now, but I am certain that there is a brighter tomorrow waiting for us. You will be just fine. I know so because you are strong and courageous.
  5. I admire your strength, how you have been able to conquer all these feats shows how powerful and incredible you are.
  6. Hey! Who doesn’t make mistakes? Your blunders and failures don’t describe who you are. All you need to do is to believe you can, and you will ultimately get there. And guess what!! I will be there to hold you up.
  7. There is no rush my friend. I won’t ask you to get to it now if you don’t want to. But remember that I am here with you and will wait until you are inclined to fight again.
  8. You are a wonder! Do you wanna know how I knew? Whenever you are around, good things always happen.
  9. Here’s what you need to hold on to: You are sufficient and you are terrific, even on those days you feel broken and destroyed. So! My friend, you are gonna be just fine
  10. You have always been a strong fighter, so I know that you will get through this. Don’t you let go of that strength, don’t you lose that bravery.
  11. Do you know where I get my resilience? From you. Your awe-inspiring commitment is what pushes me to be the better version of myself. So, my mentor, don’t give up just yet
  12. My friend, you are the author of your own story, and you determine your own destiny. No matter what transpires, I am certain of one thing – You will always have the power to keep going.
  13. It’s time to let go of what is hurting you. Don’t hold on to something that just keeps on pulling you down. My friend, I, your other friends, and family are right here. You can hold on to us, we love you.
  14. Don’t you dare try to doubt your achievements? You did well because you worked hard for it. You are here because you deserve it, so it’s time to turn a deaf ear to what people are saying and take charge of your life.
  15. Just think of this as one of life’s lessons that you need to learn from. Life is hard, but so are you. You cannot let it conquer you.
  16. You said you can’t see the light anymore. Don’t worry, I will buy a whole bunch of bulbs for you. What am I here for? *Winks*, you are gonna be alright love.
  17. Don’t forget that good things come to only those who wait patiently. This is just a single part of your life and not the entire story. Just hang on a little bit more, you are gonna be alright. And I will also be with you through everything.
  18. Do you know how beneficial you are? You are a blessing not just to me and the people around you, but to the world at large.
  19. It may come off that things are looking futile right now, but I believe that there is so much more in store for you tomorrow.
  20. No matter what you decide, I am with you and I’m super proud of you.


Remember that when your words are powerful, how you use them on your friends can either make or mar them. This is why it is very important to make use of the right words, especially when dealing with someone in despair. 

We trust that the words of encouragement for a friend mentioned in these articles help uplift your loved ones into a cheerful state of mind. Let us know in the comments section below.


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