Are You Not Reaching Your Goal – or Do You Have No Goal to Reach? May the 4th Be With You!

So today is “Star Wars Day” – and I couldn’t resist saying, “May the 4th be with you!”  😉

Anyway, setting goals … this may seem like a “buzz phrase” used by mentors, coaches, educators, fitness professionals, and many other people. Yet setting goals in life is essential to keep us moving forward, rather than sliding backwards–or perhaps worse, standing still and stagnating.

Think of a slimy, green pond with no inlet or outlet, and the idea of stagnating should immediately repulse you!


Don’t be stagnant!


After my many attempts to blog consistently over the past few years, at this blog and my other blogs, I have reached an epiphany of sorts: I need a reason to blog–not just blog for the sake of blogging or because “everyone else” is doing it, or blog because it’s more relaxing and different than my more structured freelance work–although those may at times be valid reasons.

In addition to these reasons, though, I need a goal–because obviously, those reasons alone get shoved aside when other obligations demand my time and life beckons to tend to important matters beyond the computer screen.



I was also inspired by this quote:


“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie

in not reaching your goal.

The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

–Benjamin Mays, Educator


This reminds me of the number of times I make those mind-numbing “To Do” lists for the day–and end up feeling bad about myself because I didn’t get everything done, rather than gaining satisfaction with the things I *did* accomplish. I have to acknowledge the fact that I usually put way too many things on the list than are humanly or realistically possible to do in one day!


So if you’re anything like me (and dare to admit it), the idea, then, is to not get upset about not reaching the goal–because at least we had goals to reach! Instead, we probably should take an honest look at what we can realistically accomplish in one day, week, month–and more long-term, over the next year, five years, and so forth–and concentrate on setting goals accordingly.


Now that SPRING is here–at least on the calendar (in some parts of the country, such as here in Maine, winter and spring were still sparring in April over whose turn it was!)–and as we head into a time that marks death of the former winter season giving way to the celebration of new life in this new spring season…I figured it’s time to put old ways behind me and start some new habits and set some new goals that will give new life to my blogs!


My overall goal for this blog is to post daily and share devotions and other inspirational or motivational thoughts to encourage any of you who read my blog.  I also want and need to start responding to those of you who take the time to leave comments.


In addition, after having my own life returned to me back in 1985 (as you can read about at one of my other blogs: Angels Among the Flames), I want to make sure I fulfill my purpose in life, part of which I believe is continuing to write and encourage others along this journey through life.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Who’s with me? Do you have old habits to put to rest, and new habits and goals to establish?

Do you already have a list of short-term and long-term goals?




Are YOU a WIP? Most of Us Are! May 3 Inspiration

Are you a WIP?  Most of us are! My fellow quilters probably know what this WIP acronym means: Work In Progress. It is one of those terms we apply to many of our unfinished objects – aka UFOs –  those we are working to finish! 😉

I was looking through older posts and came across this one that I’ve posted a couple other times, and it just seems to fit with recent transitions in my life, so I wanted to share it again. I hope you enjoy it!


Moving forward in life, with confidence and without fear. Definitely a goal to strive for, even though it can be challenging at times. This idea goes back to a previous post about stepping out to find out. We can’t learn what’s coming up in life without moving forward, and without turning to the next page in our lives.




Here’s your inspiration for today…


“A confident woman believes she is loved,

valuable, cared for, and safe in God’s will.

When we feel secure,

it’s easy to step out

and take a chance on failing

in order to try to succeed.

When we know we are loved for ourselves,

and not just for our accomplishments

or performance,

we no longer need to fear failure.

We are free to find our own niche in life,

 which is not possible without stepping out.

Trial and error is the road to success,

and you can’t drive that road

as long as your car is parked.

So get moving, and God will direct you.

When people are confident,

they try things,

and they keep trying

until they find a way to be successful

in what God has called them to do.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I love the idea of being a “work in progress” — nobody is perfect, but we can continue to strive for excellence in our lives.

I also like the statement: “Trial and error is the road to success, and you can’t drive on that road as long as your car is parked.” Similar analogy again to not opening the automatic door until you step forward to trigger the mechanism. You can stare at it all day, but it won’t open until you step forward!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you boldly step forward in life?

Are you already operating within your niche?



Be Decisive and Accomplish More – May 2 Inspiration

Be decisive and accomplish more. This is my new motto now that I’m embarking on this new full-time career journey, with opportunity to be long-term. It definitely required some stepping out in faith and making decisions to pursue it, but I’m so glad I did! I’m anticipating accomplishing more this year than ever before.


So here is your May 2 inspiration to enjoy now and in the future!


“Whatever the problem or situation,

decision is always better

than doubt and indecision.

Become a decisive person,

 and you will accomplish a lot more

with less effort.

No one learns to hear from God

without making mistakes.

Don’t be overly concerned about errors.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

You are a fallible human being,

not an infallible god.

Learn  from your mistakes,

correct the ones you can,

and continue being decisive.

Don’t fall back into a  pattern of indecision

and double-mindedness

just because you are wrong a few times.

Take some action and sow the seed.

Devote a reasonable amount of time

to waiting on God.

Don’t be afraid of yourself!

You will not be the first person

to make a mistake,

nor will you be the last.

The fear of failure

keeps thousands trapped in indecision,

which definitely steals joy

 and complicates life.

Don’t be afraid to make a decision–

 follow through with it.

Just do it!”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

I think some of the best take-aways from this one are to remember we’re not perfect, and we will make mistakes, but as long as we keep learning from them and continue making decisions and taking action, we will be more productive and accomplish more!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Are you a decisive person?

Do you find it easy or difficult to make decisions and follow through?