Time to Cast Off Discouragement and Revive Your Dreams

Time to cast off discouragement and revive your dreams!  I know this is often easier said than done, especially if we really feel like we’re in those pits of despair, and have had a string of bad events happen in our lives, leaving us feeling really hopeLESS instead of hopeFUL.

Yet, we need to just reach out our hands to find God is standing right there, if not actually carrying us through (think of the famous “Footprints” poem), and if we even have faith as tiny as a grain of mustard seed…He will honor our faith, and bring our hopes and dreams to fruition…according to HIS will and wisdom of what’s best for us, and in HIS time!



So onto your hope and inspiration for this Monday!

“Isn’t it interesting that sometimes

when you ask God for something,

He lets it go so long,

the only thing that can possibly produce

what you asked for, is a miracle?

Why does God do that?

Because He likes to ‘show Himself strong

on behalf of those whose hearts

are blameless toward Him’ (2 Chronicles 16:9).

If something is dead–

a dream, a desire, a want, a need–

it doesn’t matter to God how dead it is.

God can still bring it back to life in His timing

because our God is an awesome God.

Nothing is too hard for Him.

That is why He is never in a hurry

and why it seems as if He often waits

until nothing will work but a miracle.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



My Reflections


Obviously this is where patience and trust enter the picture. The more time that goes by, the easier it is to get discouraged and feel hopeless about ever achieving certain goals or seeing dreams fulfilled.


I know there have been times when I thought the little flicker of hope was about to go out, and suddenly, out of the blue, the miracle happened! I’m at that point now regarding a couple areas of life… so I’m standing ready and waiting for that breakthrough (my word for this year!)



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you given up on any special dreams?


Is there still a flicker of hope left to trust God for a miracle? I’ll agree with you in prayer!


Recognizing Your Personal Value

Recognizing your personal value. Do YOU?

Sometimes we need to combat feelings of worthlessness and rejection in order to recognize our personal value.  This is essential for our health in all areas: mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical. If we don’t believe we have value or when we suffer rejection–especially repeatedly–it can adversely affect our ability to cope with life. We may find ourselves slipping into depression and choosing to withdraw, rather than face the pain.


The problem when this happens is we also tend to push away even those who truly care about us.  We often build walls to protect ourselves, but the irony is those same walls keep those people out who we most need in our lives to encourage and build us up.




Here’s this Sunday’s double dose of inspiration to deal with this important topic…


“In Exodus 19:5, the Lord tells His people that they are His own ‘peculiar possession and treasure.’ That word applies to us today as much as it did to the children of Israel.


In John 3:18, Jesus told Nicodemus that no one who believes in Him will ever be condemned (rejected). You may not feel treasured, or even acceptable, but you are.


In Ephesians 1:6, Paul says that all of us who believe in Christ have been ‘accepted in the beloved.’ That should give us a sense of personal value and worth.


Do you lack appreciation for your own value and worth? Surely you are valuable; otherwise your heavenly Father would not have paid such a heavy price for your redemption.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”




“Do you feel as though the world is against you? Does it seem that no matter how hard you try, no one is pleased? Maybe you have conflict with a family member. Perhaps your boss finds fault with your work.


Sooner or later, you will experience some form of rejection. Not everybody will like you. Some may even aggressively dislike you. No one enjoys being rejected, but you can learn to handle rejection and get on with your life if you remember that Jesus was also rejected and despised.


If you feel rejected, give your hurt to God: ‘Lord, I can’t please everyone all of the time. I will concentrate on being a God pleaser and not a man pleaser. The rest I leave in Your hand, Lord. Grant me favor with You and with men, and continue transforming me into the image of Your Son.'”


–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My Reflections


I always find it interesting to read related themes in two different devotional books written in different years (in this case, 2004 and 2007, respectively).


I know I need to be reminded once in awhile about my value as a person – to God and to others – and remember I should value myself for the person God created me to be, not for someone’s negative opinion of who I am.


I also know I need to remember that even if people reject me for whatever reason, deserved or not, God has not rejected me.


Perhaps someone else out there in the blogosphere likewise needs these reminders today!



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Are you currently suffering from feelings of worthlessness and rejection?


Do you have a support system and trusted loved ones you can turn to?



Learn from Your Past Failures – But Do NOT Let Them Define Your Future Successes

Wow, 21 days into 2017 already! Are you still working on your goals or action plans for this new year? I’ve been going through older posts that didn’t get many views and/or comments, for whatever reason, and re-publishing some select ones. This seems especially relevant right now for this topic.


Are you worried that your past failures

will define your future success?

They don’t have to!


Success is not instantaneous, as much as we might like it to be. We usually have to learn some lessons along the way, and even fail now and then as part of the learning process. In other words, we often encounter detours on the road to success. The important thing is to learn what we need to, and keep moving forward.





Here’s your inspiration for this Saturday…


“I believe failing is part of every success.

As John Maxwell says, ‘We can fail forward.’

History is filled with examples of people

who are famous for doing great things–

yet if we study their lives,

we find they failed numerous times

before they ever succeeded at anything.

Their real strength was not their talent

as much as it was their tenacity.

A person who refuses to give up

will always succeed, eventually.

Remember: Failure is simply a detour

on the road to success.”

Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional



My Reflections

It’s comforting to know so many people failed before they ever succeeded–so failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if we fail the first (second, third…) time, at least it means we made the effort and learned what did NOT work.

If we don’t step out to find out, and take some calculated risks, we might not fail… but we also won’t succeed! We need to learn from those failures and apply it so we can succeed in our present and future endeavors.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you agree we often have to fail before we succeed?

Have you ever taken a detour on the road to success?


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