Which Is More Beneficial: Instant Gratification or Lasting Satisfaction?

Which Is More Beneficial: Instant Gratification or Lasting Satisfaction?

Instant Gratification


Lasting Satisfaction?


Which do you prefer: instant gratification or lasting satisfaction?  As our world continues to advance in technology, it seems we are more interested in instant gratification. Food is just one example. So many changes in food preparation, service, and delivery alone appear to accommodate the “I want it, and I want it NOW” mentality.

Trouble is, so many “instant” and “fast service” foods tend to not be the healthiest for us, whereas the foods that require time to prepare usually result in the lasting satisfaction of better health and fitness. I often have to remind myself of this when I’m anxious to eat “whatever” because it’s quicker, rather than take the time to prepare something healthier. Something quick might taste great, but then its lasting effect may NOT be the kind of satisfaction you desire!




Here’s today’s inspiration…


“We live in a society

that is used to doing

whatever feels good *right now.*

But instant gratification

never brings lasting satisfaction.

If you operate in self-control

through the power of the Holy Spirit

living in you,

you will choose to do things

that contribute to the goal

that you have in mind.

You must discipline yourself now

so you will reap the reward

of reaching your goal later.

Stay focused on the goal.

God will give you the grace

to continue moving toward it.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”



My Reflections

Sure, something instant can gratify – at that moment. But the long-term effects of something that requires preparation or takes time to achieve is usually more satisfying for a longer period of time. Even though the terms gratification and satisfaction are often used interchangeably, it seems that gratification is most often associated with things that occur instantly or quickly, whereas satisfaction carries an enduring quality.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

Have you ever thought about the differences between instant gratification and lasting satisfaction?

Is lasting satisfaction more appealing to you than instant gratification?



4 thoughts on “Which Is More Beneficial: Instant Gratification or Lasting Satisfaction?

  1. Immediate pleasure versus long-term joy. I work with this all the time with my weight coaching clients. They choose to go for the immediate gratification of food, usually to avoid their feelings, and that creates other problems for them, like obesity and obesity-related illness, to name a couple. They deprive themselves of the long-term joy they’ll have from making a commitment to themselves and honoring it.
    Shari Broder recently posted..How Long Does It Take to Break a Habit?My Profile

  2. Yeah, we live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification. Kids do not know how to wait. We do not send letters any longer. You send a WhatsApp and instantly reach someone else, who will drop anything to read the WhatsApp.

    Everyone wants things now. Lots to think about. I rather have the lasting satisfaction but sometimes it is so hard. I think achieving a balance is te right answer
    Andrea recently posted..Keep Warm in Winter with these Wide Mouth Soup ThermosMy Profile

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