Walk Away from Negativity and Redirect to the Positive Instead – Belated August 26 Inspiration

I have had a busy three-day weekend, between preparing for an out-of-state trip, and then the trip itself to visit my daughter and son-in-law in New Hampshire for my granddaughters’ combined birthday party (ages 2 and 4!) So I’m catching up on posts now.

Step away from negativity. Redirect to the positive instead. I’m not sure why negativity is so insidious, but it certainly seems to creep in and take over sometimes even before we know it. Kind of like adding food dye to batter and stirring until the dye becomes evenly distributed throughout the batter. Those few drops can affect the entire batch of batter, much like one negative person can affect the mood of several people in a room. We have to actively, maybe even aggressively, fight negativity by focusing on the positive instead.


Here is today’s inspiration…

“You don’t have to sit around

and listen to friends or coworkers

murmur and complain all day.

If you stay in that environment,

it is going to affect your spirit.

You may not be able to avoid them…

but you can limit the access they have to you.

Another thing you can do is

change the direction of the conversation.

You might be surprised

at how your positive words can influence others.

The most important thing is to realize

that negative words can affect your spirit.

Don’t allow the negativity of those around you

to pull you down and take your focus

away from the Lord.

Fill your life with positive things

that build you up and increase your joy.”

–Joyce Meyer in “You Can Begin Again”


My reflections:

The effect of negativity–its heaviness–reminds me of how I feel when my asthma flares up. It feels like it’s taking my breath away and crushing me. Then the nebulizer breathing treatment alleviates that heaviness and restores easier breathing, much like focusing on positive things restores a much lighter, happier environment.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you felt that heaviness of negativity?

Do you speak up to redirect the conversation into a more positive path?



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  1. Yes, I have had the weight of negativity from a sibling. I had to block the sibling from Facebook and walk away. I have no spoken to that sibling in four years. I do not regret walking away. I do not miss all the drama and lies.

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