True Unconditional Love Never Says I Love You BUT

True Unconditional Love Never Says I Love You BUT

True Unconditional Love

Never Says, “I Love You, BUT…”


Have you ever thought about that? If we truly love people, and they love us, none of us should put conditions on that love. Yet as human beings, we tend to see the faults, even if we know what unconditional is or SHOULD be– and of course, we want to both give AND receive that kind of love!




       Collage of special events in my hubby’s and my life together


Today happens to be my hubby Dave’s and my 11th anniversary– the 11th on the 11th! 😉  And while we have a very good, loving relationship perhaps close to unconditional, I know it’s not the perfect unconditional love modeled for us by God.







Here’s your valuable inspirational thought…


“Forgiveness is the core ingredient

to every successful relationship.

So many people carry exceptions

to their offer of love. ‘

I love you, BUT you really hurt my feelings…’

or ‘I love you, BUT I’m too tired/busy/


to be nice to you right now.’

True love simply says, ‘I love you!’

No exceptions!

Women seem more prone to carrying grudges

and remembering offenses for days,

and some remain bitter for  years.

Jesus calls us to a higher prize

that requires us to both receive

and give forgiveness.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”




My Reflections


This devotional made me think of how Jesus offers us unconditional love – yet we so often do NOT extend that same type of love to others. Instead, as Joyce put it, we offer love with conditions or exceptions – “I love you, BUT…


It’s human nature to focus on the negative and allow every little flaw to impede our willingness to offer forgiveness and unconditional love to our spouses, significant others, parents, kids, friends, and other loved ones – yet we deeply desire and expect to receive forgiveness and unconditional love in return!


Sure, some people may be “difficult to love” – yet God didn’t give us an “escape clause” by saying, “Love others as I have loved you – EXCEPT for that guy or this woman with the ‘difficult’ personality!


I’m thinking if we all truly followed the example Jesus provided in His selfless life, our marriages would last, our families would stay together, and our friendships would mature – all because we removed the “BUT” and simply learned to say, “I love you,” and mean it!




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Are you able to extend love unconditionally?


Do you have someone in your life who extends love to YOU unconditionally, or very close to that ideal?




6 thoughts on “True Unconditional Love Never Says I Love You BUT

  1. Hi Klee,
    Reading this post makes me feel thoughtful. You really nailed it.
    I agree with you that forgiveness is the core of every successful relationship.
    If we are to love people based on their good or desirable behavior alone, then no one will deserve our love, because nobody is perfect. The way forward to genuine love is unconditional love.
    Thanks for this great post.

  2. Unconditional love between a parent and a child is a given. When you have that same love between yourself and another it is sublime (the greatest or supreme degree.)

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

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