Three Things Thursday – Quilt, Contract, and Kindness – July 16 Devotions

Three Things Thursday – Quilt, Contract, and Kindness – July 16 Devotions

Three Things Thursday! I have forgotten about that since I got back to blogging here, so today I will discuss three things–two, plus devotions! 😉

So here we go with three things this Thursday!


1- Quilt!!  I’m slowly getting back to sewing and quilting (YAY!) and I just completed a second quilt in my own original design. I now have it listed for custom ordering on Etsy, in any color palette. This one is black, gray, and white.

An Original KLK Design Quilt
An Original KLK Design Quilt


2- Contract!!  Just as I’m getting back into freelance work, I secured a new remote position that will be long-term (until next March). It’s another curriculum development job, which is my preferred area of concentration for work. Very exciting!


3-Devotions!!  Today’s theme covered kindness, specifically positive thinking and how it affects us and others.



“You make a mistake when you have the opinion that your thoughts don’t affect other people. You can often feel the thoughts of others, and they can feel your thoughts.

Your thoughts not only affect others, they also affect you in a most amazing way. If you think loving thoughts, you become loving.

But often you think things about people that you would never say to them, not realizing that even your thoughts can affect them. It  is virtually impossible to treat people in a loving way if you are thinking angry thoughts about them.

It is possible to sin in thought, word, or deed, so if you want to be a loving person, you must choose to think good thoughts about other people.

Learn to love with your thoughts–it will be good for you and others.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”



“When encouraged to think positively, people often retort, ‘That is not reality.’

But the truth is that positive thinking can change your current reality. God is positive, and that is His reality. It is the way  He is, the way He thinks, and the way He encourages us to be.

It has been said that 90 percent of what we worry about never happens. Why do people assume that being negative is more realistic than being positive?

Are you doing your own thinking, choosing your thoughts carefully, or are you passively thinking  abut whatever happens to just come to your mind? What is the origin of your thoughts?

Thinking negatively makes you miserable. Why be miserable when you can be happy?”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:


-1- I have experienced this more than once–from both sides! I know it’s difficult to speak nicely to someone if you’re thinking unkind thoughts about them; and I have definitely experienced that unkind “vibe” from others!


-2- Some may think the whole “positive thinking” concept is off the wall or unbalanced, but in the context of this devotional, it makes sense. And again, I’ve experienced how different a day goes depending on whether I was engaged in negative or positive thinking.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


-1- Have you ever struggled to be kind to someone after having negative thoughts about that person? On the other side, have you felt definite animosity from someone, even if that person never said a word to you?


-2- Do you believe there is validity in the negative vs. positive thinking philosophy?



14 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Quilt, Contract, and Kindness – July 16 Devotions

  1. The quilt is beautiful!!!

    I absolutely agree that your thoughts have an impact. When I’m upset with someone, even though I may not say anything, I treat them differently. I’m short.

    I’ve tried to get better at actually telling people how I feel. I’ve said, “I’m upset about xyz and I want to talk about it. If I don’t, you may not know why I’m angry and I will just get more frustrated.”

  2. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous.That is such an amazing talent to be able to make hand make a beautiful quilt like that.

  3. I notice myself criticizing someone’s looks all the time. I pull myself up and give myself a good talking to. I don’t know why I’m so judgemental, but I don’t like that part of me.

  4. Your quilt is so beautiful! Quilting (or sewing) is not anything I’ve ever been able to master. My Mom, before she developed rheumatoid arthritis in her 40’s, did beautiful sewing. I suppose that gene skipped me. I also believe that how you prosper or not during a tough time has a lot to do with your attitude. It makes a huge difference.
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