Super Hubby Weekend – May 30-31 Thoughts

Super Hubby Weekend – May 30-31 Thoughts

Last weekend in May and I’m devoting this post to my darling “Super Hubby” Dave! He is some how managing to keep up with his own tasks, as well as many of the ones I usually do.

Hubby Dave and me.
Hubby Dave and me.

Here are all the things he’s accomplished this weekend:


*Ongoing care of me, for things I still can’t do for myself with one hand, including helping me take showers and reapply gauze wraps and splint afterward; opening lids; pouring drinks when the containers are too heavy; and so many other little things we take for granted.


*Preparing and serving meals.


*Cleaning up after meals, including doing the dishes.


*Ongoing care of our fur babies, including feeding them, taking the dogs out, and scooping the litter boxes.


*Several loads of laundry, including some of the pet bedding.


*Mowing the yard.


*Refilling the bird feeders and repositioning the ones in the back yard so I can see them better from the bedroom, where I’m recuperating for a few more weeks (it’s so enjoyable watching the variety of birds that come to our feeders!)


*Grocery shopping and putting groceries away.


*Other odds and ends of “Mr. Fix It” tasks.


Yes, I am blessed to have such a thoughtful, considerate hubby, and I love him very much! I’m thankful God brought us together over 12 years ago.


So how is this final weekend of May going for you?

Are you blessed to have a spouse or significant other who helps you out on a regular basis and/or when you have special circumstances?


12 thoughts on “Super Hubby Weekend – May 30-31 Thoughts

  1. Awww how sweet! What a wonderful relationship you guys have! My final weekend wasn’t too much though it was quite productive!

  2. Its great to see couples whom even after being together for so long still manage to say endearing words to each other. keep the love burning dear.

  3. You are so lucky to have found a good husband. My husband cares for me, too when I get sick or when I’m not able to do things for myself.

  4. Your list of tasks hubby has taken over shows the extent of what is usually done by you. My husband and I do most things as equal partners. The washing, however, is my domain, although he insists on carrying it in and out of doors. Blessed by the husbands. Heal well.

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