Sunday Musings: Introspection and Preparation

Sunday Musings: Introspection and Preparation

Sunday is a Good Time


Introspection and Preparation




Have you ever felt like you just needed to take a break from all the noise and confusion, and find a quiet place to meditate?

Introspection–taking time to examine our own thoughts, feelings, and to look into our own souls–is often a cathartic experience. Taking the time to do so may help us discover underlying thought processes and deeper feelings we didn’t know existed. We may gain a greater understanding of ourselves, of choices we have made, and of God’s purpose for our lives.


Here’s your Sunday inspirational thought…


“There may be things going on inside of us that we do not understand.

But when we finally arrive at the place where God wants to bring us,

we will see how it has prepared us

for what God wanted for us all along.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My Reflections


I certainly can’t even pretend to understand everything that’s going on, or why, at times, BUT … I have seen God’s faithfulness throughout my life, and I know He will continue to be faithful.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you regularly engage in periods of introspection?


Do you believe that everything you go through is some how part of the greater plan for your life?





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