Stand Firm – Do Not Run – March 5 Inspiration

Stand Firm – Do Not Run – March 5 Inspiration

Stand firm-don’t run away! Many times in the face of difficulties, or shame over doing something wrong, we tend to take the “easy” way out and run away from trouble or responsibility. But that will only stunt our growth and force us to not live the truth.



Here’s your Saturday inspirational thought…


“Take a look at Ephesians 6 and notice what battle armor

God provides us with.

He tells us to stand firm with a belt of truth,

a breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the gospel of peace,

a shield of faith, a helmet of salvation,

and the sword of the Spirit…

Notice there’s nothing provided to protect our backside!

That’s because God never intended

for us to run from our enemies.

His plan was and still is that with Him at our side,

we confront any issue in our life that is a problem.

People are so skilled at not facing real issues,

and they’re even better at  trying to cover them up

by living make-believe lives and inventing false personalities.

It is time to take a stand and confront fear!”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

Being real. That’s such an important quality to have. I have met my share of “fake” people and others who could never take responsibility for their own actions. Being real means owning up to faults and mistakes, as well as acknowledging strengths and accomplishments. Just being ourselves, standing firm, and endeavoring to fulfill our potential, even if others are critical or unsupportive.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Are you able to stand firm and not run away from problems?

Do you appreciate people who are genuine instead of fake?



15 thoughts on “Stand Firm – Do Not Run – March 5 Inspiration

  1. I think people find it easier to run coz they have the concept of not facing their peoblem and maybe it will go away. For me, I used to run a lot but now, I have learned that we just need to face the music and deal with it in our own little way. There’s really no other way to handle an issue or situation than head on.
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  2. That’s the realize we have to face, that we are who we are and we should not let anyone stop us from being ourselves. We cannot live for the sake of making other people happy with the idea that we are the person they want us to be.

  3. I love this post and the quotes, God is always with us and He provide our needs and everything He always protect us too in our everyday lives and every battle that we faced.

  4. I agree and disagree with not running away from problems. Depending on what it is and your stress level it could be good to “run away” for an evening or even an hour to be able to go back it fresh.

  5. Maybe it’s just my intuition but it’s so easy for me to spot fake people. I would much rather spend my time and energy with someone who is geniune then fake. I feel like I can’t help but be truthful and real with people I don’t understand why others can’t extend the same courtesy.

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