Prioritize Prayer – March 10 Inspiration

Prioritize Prayer – March 10 Inspiration

Prioritize prayer. It’s always important to give prayer a place of importance in our lives. One of the reasons I began daily “Attitude of Gratitude” posts on Facebook was due to the impact of a quote about considering what would happen if the only things remaining in our lives today were the things we thanked God for yesterday.



Here are your March 10 inspirational thoughts…


“If you and I are going to succeed at being ourselves

and succeed in life, then we must know how to pray

and be willing to give prayer

a place of priority in our daily lives.

We have no right to expect what we have not prayed for.

How you ask is important.

The Bible says in James 5:16 that the

fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous man

makes tremendous power available.

What kind of person?

A righteous person!

Not one who feels guilty, condemned, no good,

and as if God is angry with him.

But it is not our own righteousness

that we wear into the prayer closet;

it is the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Pray: Lord, I thank You that because of the cross

I can come into Your presence and pray.

 I come confidently knowing that

I have the righteousness of Jesus. Amen.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I truly believe in the power of prayer. So many things in my life are direct results of prayer. Most recently, like right now, I am enjoying a wonderful visit with my son and “daughter-in-love.” My son Andrew moved WAY out to New Mexico 7 years ago (from New Hampshire)  and I haven’t seen him since then. While he was there, he met Alisia, who became his wife; I had never met her.

This week, they made the cross-country trek from New Mexico to New England to visit family and friends in New Hampshire and us in Maine. SO thankful and happy for this visit!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you pray or meditate regularly?

Do you believe in the power of prayer?


Wonderful visit with my son Andrew and "daughter-in-love" Alisia.
Wonderful visit with my son Andrew and “daughter-in-love” Alisia. Even a visit to the hair salon for haircuts for Andrew and me!


3 thoughts on “Prioritize Prayer – March 10 Inspiration

  1. I am a strong believer in and actively practise daily Bible readings and prayer. My other belief it i the Power of God through our prayers and not the power of prayer

    God bless

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