Overcoming Disappointment and Moving Forward

Overcoming Disappointment and Moving Forward

Overcoming Disappointment–

Be Better NOT Bitter!


It’s inevitable. We all face disappointments in our lives, at one time or another, from mild to major situations or circumstances, which may either slightly disrupt our day or totally incapacitate us, depending on the severity of the disappointment. The key is to find the strategy to manage and overcome the disappointment so we can learn from it and move forward, rather than allow it to make us bitter and prevent us from growing beyond that particular disappointment.



Here’s your inspiration for this Friday…


“All of us must face and deal with disappointment at different times. No person alive has everything happen in life the way they want or in the way they expect.

When things don’t prosper or succeed according to our plan, the first thing we feel is disappointment. This is normal. There is nothing wrong with feeling disappointed.

But we must know what to do with feeling, or it will move into something more serious. In the world, we cannot live without disappointment, but in Jesus we can always be given re-appointment. We’re letting go of the causes for the disappointment…

We get a new vision, a plan, an idea, a fresh outlook, a new mindset, and we change our focus to that. We decide to go on!”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”

My Reflections


It seems like I’ve been reading such timely devotionals lately that I can SO relate to…funny how that works sometimes! Fortunately, some disappointments have balanced out with better events and circumstances…allowing me to become “better NOT bitter.”



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


How do you overcome disappointment?


Do you find it easy to put disappointment behind you, so you can be “better NOT bitter”?








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