On Grieving the Loss of Pets

On Grieving the Loss of Pets

Pets Are Family, Too


A tragic incident suffered by a loved one yesterday in losing a beloved pet prompted this departure from my usual format for my blog post today. 🙁

I am thankful for our fur babies who bring so much joy into our lives. We return the love they give us so unconditionally until they sadly leave us. Loss of our pets is a sad reality on the other end of pet ownership. My heart is heavy today over the loss of precious fur babies from the lives of so many people.  🙁

Pets left behind or lost during the recent catastrophic weather events and natural disasters are, in some areas, routinely being euthanized after only 3-day holds! Senseless killing at so many so-called animal “shelters.” :

Pets lost for so many reasons: age-related or natural causes, illness or disease, running away or being stolen, abuse or neglect, or tragic accidents or other circumstances beyond our control.

No matter how they leave us, there is a void in our lives. Dave and I have been through this three times (1 dog, 2 cats). We still have 11 fur babies (3 dogs, 8 cats) and we know loss is inevitable, eventually.


Our beloved now deceased pets, Mack (Maine coon cat) and Kita (black lab), from 2009

Yet all we pet owners can do is cherish the time we have with our furry (feathered, scaly) family members, much as we do our human family. When pets die, they take pieces of our hearts and souls with them, and we need to allow ourselves time to grieve their loss and the void left in our lives.

We may welcome new pets into our lives, but they of course will never replace those we have lost. Instead, they just give us the chance to share our hearts and homes again, and receive love again from animal companions who can help with the healing process.

And some day, on the other side of that rainbow bridge, we will all once again be reunited with our beloved pets.



So What About YOU?


Do you have pets you love as part of your family?


Have you recently lost any pets?


Our beautiful HEALTHY Smokey boy!






4 thoughts on “On Grieving the Loss of Pets

  1. My heart goes out to your family member that lost their fur baby… we adopted our fur baby from a shelter in 20o8 She was 2…. Lately she is starting to show her age and I can’t even imagine life without her one day… she brings us such joy and unconditional love…

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