New Beginnings and Recovery

New Beginnings and Recovery

So it’s the mid-point of January and the third Sunday of the month–one of five months with five Sundays this year!


Are you still in review and reflect mode about the previous year, perhaps even recovering from the year that WAS, so you can better prepare for and move forward into the year that IS, now?




Here is your inspiration for this Sunday…

“One of the great things about a relationship with God is that He always provides new beginnings. His Word says that His mercy is new every day.

Recovering from pain or disappointment of any kind is not something that just happens to some people and not to others. It is a decision! You make a decision to let go and go on. You refuse to think about what you have lost, but instead you inventory what you have left and begin using it.

Not only can you recover, but you can also be used to help other people recover. Be a living example of a confident woman who always recovers from setbacks no matter how difficult or frequent they are.

Pray: Lord, thank You for every new beginning You are making for my life. Help me to put the past aside, and move on with Your help. Amen.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My Reflections:

New beginnings and recovery…seems to be the story of my life, in so many areas. I am thankful for multiple new beginnings, and the opportunity to be a blessing to others. Letting go of the past seems especially difficult sometimes, though, but it reminds me of this poem (and I don’t know the author of it):

As children bring their broken toys with tears

for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God,

because He is my friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him

in peace to work alone,

I hung around and tried to help

in ways that were my own.

He didn’t do at all the things

I thought that He should do;

He didn’t mend my broken dreams;

He didn’t make them new.

In fact, He seemed quite nonchalant,

as though He didn’t care.

So I increased with holy zeal

and my intercessory prayer.

Watching, waiting for His hand

to do what I had prayed;

but nothing I could say or do

helped Him on His way!

At last I snatched them back and cried,

“How can you be so slow?”

“My child,” He lovingly replied,

“What could I do?

You never did let go!”


So what are YOUR thoughts today?

Are you thankful for new beginnings?

Do you ever find it difficult to let go of the past, so you can move forward unhindered?




2 thoughts on “New Beginnings and Recovery

  1. Hi Klee

    I am grateful for this post and for the new begginnings in my life. Despite the challenges that I have had to go through, I am grateful that God has given me the power to make a difference.

    Thanks for this post. Take Care

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks for this post. I too am grateful for new beginnings in my life. 2016 was a tough year for me. I let go of something that I loved and had been doing for 20+ years. It was time to move on but I was in mourning most of the year. God has now lifted the fog and brought me out of that time of mourning. He’s filling me with new visions and blessings. I’m so grateful.

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