**MAY Already!**

**MAY Already!**

OH MY – I can’t believe it!!!

Where does the time go? I have certainly been neglecting this blog – not by choice, though… just WAY too busy!!

The GOOD news is that my WAH jobs have increased and it is just SO neat to be able to have an abundance of work I can do from the comfort of my own home office/studio.

I have several writing jobs, as well as my quilting business, which is also growing in spite of the economy.

My dear hubby became unemployed at the end of February when his shop closed – after 20+ years in the metal fab/welding business and never being unemployed …it’s pretty rough on him!

But God bless him, my darling hubby decided to GO TO COLLEGE for the first time in his life – he went directly into his career from high school and never went to college – so now that he has TIME and MOTIVATION, he made the decision. He is now enrolled with University of Phoenix and will start classes on Monday, May 4th – starting with an associate degree in Internet Technology/Support.

I’m so proud of him!!

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