March 8 (Belated) Devotional Thoughts

March 8 (Belated) Devotional Thoughts

Belated Happy Sunday! I hope you remembered to “spring ahead” one hour before you went to bed Saturday night if you live in a part of the U.S. that follows daylight savings time! I can remember a few times, while I was growing up, and then with my own family, when we forgot…and of course, we arrived an hour late for church!




“Joy is never released through unbelief, but it is always present where there is belief. Believing is so much simpler than not believing. If we do not believe God, His Word, and His promises, then we are left with the labor of reasoning and attempting to work out matters ourselves.


When we come to God, we must do so believing. When we do, we will have joy;

and where there is joy, there will also be enjoyment.


This is God’s will for us, that we might have and enjoy life.


Jesus did not die for you and me that we might be miserable. He died to deliver us from every kind of oppression and misery. His work is already finished, and the only thing that remains to be accomplished is for us to believe.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



“Accountability is all about connection, communion, and community. This is the environment where we thrive, where we come alive again. It is where we freely give of ourselves and enjoy the abundant fruit of lives well lived.”

–Dr. Tim Clinton in “Turn Your Life Around”



“A confident woman is positive.

Confidence and negativity do not go together.


They are like oil and water; they simply do not mix.


Being positive or negative is a choice–it is a way of thinking, speaking, and acting. Either one comes from a habit that has been formed in our lives through repetitious behavior. Expect good things from God today–He won’t let you down.


Pray: Lord, I look to You for my joy and gladness. I ask You to drive the negativity and sighing away from my life and fill me with the joy of Your Spirit. Amen.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


 -1- I’m just thinking of the irony that it takes faith to believe in God – but also takes faith to NOT believe in God or any “higher power,” but rather in our own devices and how the world and all that’s in it came to exist. Even those who don’t believe in God have to believe in SOMETHING.


-2- Ah, yes… accountability. That is the reason I have joined blog challenges and blogging communities, for the encouragement and accountability factors that will hopefully, eventually, help me establish a consistent blogging habit.


-3- Interesting thought, that confidence and negativity cannot co-exist. And, as with so many things in life, we have to CHOOSE whether we want to focus on the positive or the negative.


So what are YOUR thoughts?  Do you agree that believing in something or someone is easier than NOT believing?

What about accountability? Do you have someone in your life who helps hold you accountable for various endeavors?

Do you agree that confidence and negativity cannot co-exist?


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