Just One of THOSE Days

Just One of THOSE Days


How to Manage THOSE Days



Friday is here again! I know this means more to people who work regular Monday to Friday jobs “out there” than it does for people like me who work from home. All my days tend to blend together, but Friday does mean the end of my hubby’s work week and I look forward to him being home for the weekend and being able to spend more time together.


Today is also shaping up to be one of THOSE days…not starting off in the most positive light, but I’m hoping and praying it turns from its current negative status to a positive one!




Now onto today’s inspiration. Remember, if you’re interested, you can also read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day on my page, Daily Scripture Readings.



“Have you ever had ‘one of THOSE days’ where nothing went right, yet you were hesitant to pray because you didn’t know where God might lead you? God won’t always ask you to DO something; sometimes He just wants to talk to you.

If He does ask you to do something, He will anoint you to do it. You will enjoy the presence of His power, and someone will be blessed by your obedience. Those are the best days of your life.

Take time to pray this morning. Today may be ‘one of those days’ that God has a special assignment for you.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”  





My Reflections


Ah yes, I’m very familiar with the “one of THOSE days” issue–as I mentioned, I’m having one of them today. It’s interesting that we usually think of that phrase in the negative, rather than the positive! And today could be “one of those days” for a new, small beginning of greater things to come!




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you ever thought of the “one of THOSE days” phrase in  a positive light?


Are you having “one of THOSE days” today, either for good or bad?









One thought on “Just One of THOSE Days

  1. I have definitely had “one of those day”! When God called me to start blogging it was one of the scariest things He has ever asked me to do. It took some time for me to submit to His call, because I did not feel capable. I love where you mentioned that He will anoint us to do what He calls us to. I now realize that He is blessing me with the ability to blog and I just wish I would’ve listened sooner!

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