Happy December 1st – and Lessons in Gratitude Following the Historic Super Storm in Maine

Happy December 1st – and Lessons in Gratitude Following the Historic Super Storm in Maine





Happy December 1st!

Can you believe it’s already here? The first day of December – the last month of 2017! If you have followed my blog for long or receive my posts by email, you know I usually try to post daily…yet over a month has passed since my last post here! Here’s what happened since I last posted…

Ironically, my last post was about tackling priorities (check it out if you haven’t read it and please feel free to comment!) – and the very next day, we had a major rain and wind storm that knocked out our power and Internet, for nearly a full week!

The local news called the event a “historic super storm” because it was even more destructive than the ice storm of 1998 in the number of trees down across power lines, the number of transformers taken down, and the length of time it took to restore power to hundreds of thousands of us here in Maine.


Power lines and a transformer taken down by fallen trees just a few miles down our road


Yet, I found myself reflecting in November – our notable month for giving thanks (although it should be a daily practice to maintain an attitude of gratitude) – that I was thankful the storm occurred when it did, during unseasonably warm temperatures for late October / early November – and NOT in the middle of the winter!

I was thankful that our “first world problems” of being without the modern conveniences of electricity, running water, oil heat, Internet, and intermittent cell services only lasted about 5 days, from after midnight on Sunday, October 29, until about 2:30pm on Friday, November 3.

Even then, that situation paled in comparison to what others in the US and other parts of the world have gone through / are still going through with damage and/or loss from hurricanes, flooding, and fires for much longer than 5 days. The only damage here was a piece of roofing that tore off the garage. We didn’t lose our home and all its belongings, or our pets, or any loved ones. We merely suffered the inconveniences of no power, Internet, or running water for a few days.

I’m thankful hubby Dave’s dad had a small generator we were able to borrow and run a few times during the days without power. This saved the contents of our fridge and freezer, and allowed us to play “musical plugs” with the coffee pot, one small wall lamp, our water dispenser with both hot and cold water, and the microwave to zap food for some meals. We were also able to recharge laptops and phones that way.



I’m also thankful for the numerous candles on hand that we burned for light, and the batteries for flashlights and the battery-operated lantern.

I’m thankful Dave was able to shower at his dad and step-mom’s house, so he didn’t have to go all week working and NOT being able to take a shower!

I’m thankful Dave’s shop some how didn’t lose power so he was still able to work and not lose too much time and money. Likewise, I’m thankful he was able to make trips home at lunch time to check on the fur babies and me (and to turn on the generator for me to run for the 90 minutes or so the gas lasted). I’m also thankful we had a little extra money that week, which allowed us to pick up some hot takeout food a couple times.

I’m also thankful for all Dave’s extra efforts in loading up empty water jugs with water from the shop and lugging them around so we had water for flushing the toilet. Related to these extra jugs of water, I’m thankful for the kerosene heater keeping us warm and allowing us to heat some of that water, so I could keep up with washing dishes during the week and for washing/cleaning up as needed.


Scene around the kerosene heater one morning during the power outage – our dogs and cats loved the heat!


I’m also thankful for the freelance clients and K-Lee’s Kreations customers I have, so when my intermittent bursts of cell service allowed me to send emails to them, they were very understanding of the situation.

I’m also thankful I was able to use the time to get a LOT of cleaning, decluttering, and rearranging done — some things I’ve been wanting to accomplish for YEARS! I’m thankful my energy didn’t give out, so I was able to get caught up on laundry, other housework that required electricity, and to cook chicken (that did NOT spoil) in the slow cooker!

And finally, for the day power returned, I was thankful to be back in touch with folks and back online!

Oh, I was also thankful we got power and Internet back so Dave could order and print off his hunting license, AND go hunting that weekend! He wouldn’t have gone and left me alone all day, otherwise, especially with no way to keep in touch! 

I then spent the rest of November tackling my priorities, as I last blogged about, catching up on my freelance work, other projects, and the ongoing decluttering tasks to allow me to gain more working space for holiday projects!

So What About YOU?


How was your November?


Do you try to look for the positive even in difficult or challenging situations?







6 thoughts on “Happy December 1st – and Lessons in Gratitude Following the Historic Super Storm in Maine

  1. It seems you had an unusual time, Karen
    You had a difficult time. Good nothing really dangerous happened and you have been safe.
    Times like this make us reflect and appreciate what we usually take for granted. It is great you
    had tools like a generator to save your things in fridge and freezer. It is great that you are grateful
    in spite all this and think of the many people in worse situations. Maybe sometimes it is good to think
    about how blessed we are in our everyday life if everything works right.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Karen,
    I had a similar experience during the hurricane here in Florida in early September. I kept feeling grateful for what actually went well. They did not turn off the water so I was able to flush the toilets, although I had filled 2 tubs with water and had water in glasses all over the apt. There was no light but the hallway had a generator so I sat out there working on my laptop until the battery died. I was so happy to have internet connection on my phone and to be able to speak with relatives and friends most of the time. Then I was so happy to visit my friend and her husband, who had electric, and spend the night there with one of their cats cozying up to me.
    With all the scary things we have seen happen and the fact that life can change in an instant due to loss or illness or death, we really do need to appreciate every precious moment and what we do have right now – no matter what temporary inconveniences we are experiencing.

    Dr. Erica

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