Happy April Fool’s Day! No Joke – It’s SNOWING in Maine! #UBC

Happy April Fool’s Day! No Joke – It’s SNOWING in Maine! #UBC

It’s April Fool’s Day


UBC Time!


April is here, and on this April Fool’s Day, old man winter is still making his presence known! This is no joke – we are really in the midst of a snowstorm, probably 6 inches of new snow by now…after being able to see our lawn in places yesterday!


   There was GRASS showing yesterday under the dog run!


April also means it’s Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) time again, the challenge that runs four times a year. I am joining it once again to make sure I blog every day, since accountability is a motivating factor. If you follow my blog and are subscribed to receive blog posts, you may have noticed I missed posting the last few days of March. Here’s what happened: I had multiple deadlines with freelance work, and after not having work or income for about four months, I was quite happy to invest the necessary time into my work! I also celebrated my 59th birthday on March 29th. 🙂


                            My birthday flowers and cards



I do plan to continue sharing an inspirational or motivational thought, following my usual practice, in addition to the UBC writing prompt for the day (today’s was simply to introduce our participation in the UBC for the month).

So here’s an inspirational thought for this first day of April, and as we move ahead into spring–regardless of the winter weather in some places! It seems appropriate for the idea of change and perhaps taking a different path.

“Sometimes the process of molding is painful, because we do not fit the mold into which God is trying to fit us. So God keeps working on us, trimming away this bad attitude and that wrong mind-set, carefully remolding and reshaping us until gradually we are changed into His likeness.

Don’t be discouraged with yourself because you have not yet arrived. You can walk in spiritual power as long as you maintain an attitude of pressing on. As long as you do your best to cooperate with God, He is pleased with you. Enjoy your life in the Spirit right now on the way to where God is shaping you. Let the Potter do His work of changing you.

Pray: ‘Lord, it’s good to be in Your hands, confident that You are working on reshaping me into Your image. I look forward to the day when You bring me to completion! Amen.'” 

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”




My Reflections


Change… it’s sometimes not pleasant, yet it’s often necessary. And the outcome is normally a good thing, a transformation, just like what occurs during the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you find change difficult, or do you embrace it?


Are you participating in the UBC?






8 thoughts on “Happy April Fool’s Day! No Joke – It’s SNOWING in Maine! #UBC

  1. I’ve had to press into change, into the discomfort and pain of facing the need to change. None of it was easy or effortless. Every week, sometimes every day, I put myself in the scary and uncomfortable places of being around those I’d wounded while I was becoming new, again, in Christ.

    There was nothing easy about it. God brought me through it…and still is. Change, and the need for it, is never over.

    Thank you for sharing this. Yes, I’m participating in the UBC.

  2. I used to struggle with change but these days I embrace it as I’ve learned to trust my intuition. Last year we moved halfway across Canada because of it! And it truly has been for the best. We’ve had blessing after blessing since the move.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. It’s snowing in Massachusetts too … darn weather! My daffodils were just beginning to come out. Worst part of this snow storm is the snow plow knocked our mail box off the post. But our neighbor had it much worse. His mail box was totally destroyed.

    I did not sign up for the UBC this month – totally forgot. Maybe I’ll post stuff on there anyway and hope someone will visit my site. I’ve slacked for two months!

  4. Change isn’t easy for me, but I’m learning to accept what is.

    Also, my parents live in Maine and sent me pics of their snow storm today! Meanwhile my kids were outside (in Utah) all day playing in short sleeves!

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