Gratitude Challenge – November 30 – Thankful for Oldest Daughter’s Birthday

Gratitude Challenge – November 30 – Thankful for Oldest Daughter’s Birthday

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Wow, it’s the last day of November!! Did it seem to go by much too quickly? Did you participate in the Gratitude Challenge in some way? I would challenge you to continue expressing gratitude, even beyond this month — in fact, try it for the next year, and see if it becomes a lifestyle change for you!

Tomorrow, December 1st, I’m going to reflect on November, with a list of my 30 days of gratitude and links to all the posts, in case you missed any and would like to read them!  🙂



I am thankful for this very special day marking the birth day 32 years ago of my first and now oldest daughter, Shara. God definitely has His hand of protection on her, as she has had at least 3 brushes with the devil’s attempts to take her life. First one was at only 4 months old, when we were trapped on the second story of an apartment during a house fire! She escaped safely from another fire several years ago, as well, and survived a near-fatal car crash.


I am proud of her for ALL the obstacles she has overcome and the goals she has accomplished so far in her 32 years of precious life, including earning multiple degrees  (lifelong learner like her mom ) and she now has a successful career that has turned her into quite the “globe trotter.”  She lives way out in Colorado now, far away from Maine, and I love her and miss her very much. I’m privileged to call her my first and now oldest daughter (first of three) …and I’m hoping to see her in December some time!


Here are some quotes about daughters…

Suddenly, through birthing a daughter,

a woman finds herself face to face

not only with an infant, a little girl,

a woman-to-be,

but also with her own unresolved conflicts

from the past and her hopes

and dreams for the future….

As though experiencing an earthquake,

mothers of daughters may find their lives shifted,

their deep feelings unearthed,

the balance struck in all relationships

once again off kilter.”

~Elizabeth Debold and Idelisse Malave


And mothers are their daughters’ role model,

their biological and emotional road map,

the arbiter of all their relationships.” 

~Victoria Secunda


The mother-daughter relationship

is the most complex.” 

~Wynonna Judd


A daughter is a mother’s gender partner,

her closest ally in the family confederacy,

an extension of her self.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Did you participate in the Gratitude Challenge in some way this month? Do you think you will continue to express gratitude as a new lifestyle change?

Are you the parent of a daughter or daughters? What do you think of these quotes about the mother -daughter relationship?

My oldest daughter Shara and me, from my middle daughter's wedding in 2013.
My oldest daughter Shara and me, from my middle daughter’s wedding in 2013.



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge – November 30 – Thankful for Oldest Daughter’s Birthday

  1. I don’t have a daughter. I have a son. And when he was 13, he survived a head on collision that took the life of his great aunt, the driver. He had to be removed with the jaws of life, and if he had been any taller (the car door hit the very top of his head) he may have been killed or left with a TBI. It was a scary time. I’ve read your posts about the fire, and I can’t imagine going through near brushes time and time again. You have a lot to be proud of.
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