Gratitude Challenge – November 10 – Thankful for Faith to Overcome Dread

Gratitude Challenge – November 10 – Thankful for Faith to Overcome Dread

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Overcome dread by exercising faith! This election and its outcome have seemingly provoked a massive amount of dread in about half the population that did NOT vote for President-Elect Trump. It’s not my place to determine if that dread is legitimate or not, but I am thankful God gives us the ability to handle situations that arise suddenly. Likewise, it’s comforting to know we can  turn to God when unexpected things occur and they’re out of our hands to make the necessary changes that would improve the  situation or help us return to a state of  normalcy. That’s when we need to exercise our faith!


So onto today’s inspirational thought about overcoming dread and gaining the victory…

“Dread is expecting something unpleasant to happen,

and it has nothing to do with faith.

Faith looks forward to something good.

Dread is deceptive…sometimes it is so subtle

that it is imperceptible.

It often becomes a significant problem

that people really need to consider

in their lives and see just how it affects them.

The instant you begin to dread something,

your joy starts to go and a ‘down feeling’ sets in.

We know that lack of confidence, worry, dread,

and other tormenting emotions are rooted in fear.

Fear is the source of these problems,

but you can stop fear.

Listen and obey the word of the Lord,

and He will fight for you.

Pray: Lord, all the dreads that come my way today

are no match for You.

I thank You that I can face them with boldness

and overcome them with joy. Amen.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I have certainly experienced dread at various times in my life. Simply watching the news these days is enough to cause that dread to rise! But as soon as I start praying for God’s help and peace, I feel calmer and I’m usually able to resolve the situation fairly quickly by focusing on something positive instead.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you experienced dread  recently?

How did you manage to get through it?


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge – November 10 – Thankful for Faith to Overcome Dread

  1. I am one of those feeling dread – I am part of a religious minority being targeted by some supporters of the President elect, and it would seem that this president elect has no interest in trying to speak out against this hate. Faith may have sustained those in occupied countries during World War II, for example, but they suffered and died nevertheless.

  2. I have experienced dread through out my life. I too pray to over come the dread. I notice praying does help. It is like I can feel the dread being lifted off of me as if it was a blanket being removed. I form a sense of peace and well being afterwards.

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