Football Season is Here – Are You Ready to Tackle Your Priorities?

Football Season is Here – Are You Ready to Tackle Your Priorities?


Tackle Those Priorities–

Don’t Let Them Get Away!


Tackle those priorities–don’t let them get away!    [Photo credit: morgueFile free photos]


Football season is underway (GO PATRIOTS!) and I think most people understand football terminology. So the photo above depicts the idea of tackling our priorities once we have them established.

Much like the idea of not allowing the opposing team players to get away from us with the football, we don’t want to allow our priorities to slip from our grasp or get out of our control. I’ve learned the hard way that this has been an ongoing struggle for me; and it’s also why I felt it’s important to share as I learn along the way, to perhaps help other people to tackle their own priorities and get them under control sooner!




I’ve learned that NOT overcoming or preventing procrastination, and NOT prioritizing, balancing, establishing, and tackling priorities consistently, results in feelings of frustration, dread, embarrassment, fatigue, and otherwise negative, “I’m a failure,” type of emotions. All these things combined certainly interfere with the ability to pursue purpose in our lives!


growth mindset



This is a bit longer post than usual, as I’ve compiled several relevant thoughts on these concepts from some of Joyce Meyer’s teachings, because she has a real gift for expressing common problems and getting to the heart of the matter. No sense in trying to “reinvent the wheel,” as they say, but rather  to “work smarter, not harder.” (Oh, and by the way, I have no affiliate association with Joyce, nor do I provide links that will result in any earnings for me – I just think she’s a great motivational speaker, and I’m providing links to her books that I reference just in case anyone would be interested in purchasing them! I *DO* have permission from her ministry to share excerpts from her various publications).


Dread is closely related to fear. I believe a lot of people dread many things and yet don’t realize what a problem it is.  How we approach any situation makes all the difference as to whether we will enjoy it. We will, of course, be miserable if we approach [any task] with a negative, complaining attitude.


It is actually extremely foolish to dread things we must do and know we will do. The main thing dread does is steal the peace and joy of life. It also drains us of energy and strength we need for the day. God gives us what we need for each day, but He does not give us tomorrow’s grace or wisdom today. If we use today trying to figure out tomorrow, we feel pressure because we are using what we have been allotted for today.

— Joyce Meyer in New Day New You



How often do you find yourself putting off things that you dread doing? Train yourself not to dread the unpleasant tasks but instead to tackle them first. The sooner in the day you do the things you don’t prefer doing, the more energy you have to do them. Dread causes us to procrastinate, but if you’re ever going to do something, now is the best time!

–Joyce Meyer in The Confident Woman Devotional



Don’t spend your day looking for something easy to do instead of tackling the hard things that need to be done. Do the hard things first, the ones you dislike the most, and get them out of the way. For example, don’t look at your distasteful jobs and think, ‘I will do those later.’ The hard tasks will nag at you all day long and drain your energy for doing the things you want to do.


The spirit of passivity will rob you of productive energy, but you have the power of God in you to overcome procrastination. Pray and ask God to help you finish the tasks you have been dreading. Work on what is important first, and soon they will no longer be ruling or ruining your day.

–Joyce Meyer in Starting Your Day Right





So Who’s With Me?


Can you relate to any of these passages?


Are you ready to tackle those priorities and get them under control, so you can move on to pursuing purpose in your life?






23 thoughts on “Football Season is Here – Are You Ready to Tackle Your Priorities?

  1. I really enjoyed this, and my past-self, who was a HUGE football fan, loved the analogy. I’ve really been making effort lately to ignore my distractions and prevent that dreaded procrastination, and the payoff is already showing itself – which really keeps me going! Thanks for the motivation <3

  2. I never put together that “dread” and “fear” are closely related. I find that to be true in certain instances. In the office, I have a Post-It that reads “Deal with It”. It reminds me that I need to do the things I dread doing first. It helps me be more productive.

  3. This is such a great post! I’m always struggling with procrastination and definitely need some inspiration to tackle my priorities. Thank you!

  4. These are great quotes to make you think about what is important to you and what you want to accomplish in life! Thanks for sharing- I am going to hang some of these quotes up!

  5. Prioritizing things are part of my work daily. I’m a control freak and I need to organize everything under my control, so that no goals or targets will missed at the end of each week.

  6. I have some priorities of things I should do this year but yeah, procrastinated so much. I need to get back and finish strong. Thanks for this!

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