Focusing Forward and Setting Priorities – July 5 Devotions

Focusing Forward and Setting Priorities – July 5 Devotions

Happy First Sunday in July! I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend so far. After not going out to see fireworks for a few years, my hubby and I saw them for two nights in a row this year! It has been a beautiful weekend overall, and a nice change after being housebound for so many weeks.



So onto this Sunday’s devotions.



“If you have been miserable because of the things that have happened in the past…set your focus in a new direction. Determine to be what God wants you to be, to have what God wants you to have, and to receive what Jesus died to give you.


When you feel discouraged, say, ‘I am not going to live in bondage any more. I cannot do anything about what I have done in the past, but I can do something about my future.


I am going to enjoy my life and have what Jesus died for me to have. I am going to let go of the past and go on pursuing God from this day forth!’ “


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



“Be DETERMINED to enjoy the abundant life that Jesus Christ desires for you to have.


The busy activities of today’s society can make life seem like a blur. Most people have a lot of stress, continuous pressure, and really too much to do.


Set priorities. Start your day with God. Be determined to follow His lead all day, and you will enjoy every day of your life–not just on weekends, vacations, or sunny days when the weather’s perfect.


Walking with God will give you pleasure and relaxation even when things aren’t going your way.”


–Joyce Meyer in “Starting  Your Day Right”



-1- I’m not sure why it’s so difficult sometimes to do this! Let go of the past, since we can’t change it, and concentrate on focusing and moving forward instead. Adjusting our attitude NOW can impact our future!


-2- Priorities…another task that sometimes seems so difficult, or at least, challenging to implement and maintain consistently. I even wrote a whole series in another blog last May about preventing procrastination, prizing prioritizing, and pursuing purpose. It’s still a struggle!


So what are YOUR thoughts?


-1- Do you find it difficult to let go of the past so you can move forward?


-2- Is it easy for you to set priorities and consistently keep them or do them?


5 thoughts on “Focusing Forward and Setting Priorities – July 5 Devotions

  1. I learn from the past and concentrate on the now. Sigh! I sound soooo boring don’t I? I can’t help being a goody-goody. But, this is not the case for my husband, who clings onto the past with a ferocious grip. We’re all different. Tha’s what makes life interesting.

  2. Something I heard over the weekend reminded me of what I’ve already learned – that memory changes over time and can be influence by how we feel right now.

    So, if I’m reminded of a happy memory but am not feeling very happy right now when I remember the memory, the memory becomes tinged with my sadness forever.

    Over time, the memory will be different than what actually happened.

    The science behind it is so solid that the courts are considering not letting testimony based on memory be admissable in court.

    So, my point is that looking back doesn’t matter so much anyway. We probably don’t remember what happened anyway.
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