Finishing What You Start – August 25 Inspiration

Finishing What You Start – August 25 Inspiration

Finishing what you start. Following through. Taking care of business. Fulfilling obligations. Whatever you want to call it, we sometimes feel like failures if we do NOT do those things. Rather than allowing a sense of defeat to set in, and thinking we need to wait to start over on our quest to meet our goals, we just need to change our mindset. A new attitude can make a huge difference toward helping us to take care of those things we need to do and then we can enjoy the reward of accomplishing goals.



So onto today’s inspiration…


“If you put off something

you should have done already,

it will start to threaten you with fear.

Don’t allow an assignment

to get out of proportion in your mind.

 Keep your mind on

what you set out to do today.

If you get interrupted,

make yourself come back to that task

and finish it up.

Nothing is so hard that you can’t handle it,

if you will keep a positive attitude

and do it God’s way.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”



My reflections:

It really is a tendency to complain and put things off rather than just do the necessary, unpleasant tasks FIRST.  I know I typically can enjoy the rest of the day, or week, when I make sure those tasks are done. Developing and maintaining a better attitude goes a long way toward helping get those things done.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you struggle to take care of those “necessary” tasks first? Does it tend to make you whine or complain?

Do you find you enjoy other more pleasant tasks or activities later, if you change your attitude and get the “have to” things done first?



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