Favor and Grace – September 17 Inspiration

Favor and Grace – September 17 Inspiration

Favor and grace. You have likely asked someone to do you a favor–or probably had someone ask you to do a favor. Have you thought about what the word ‘favor’ actually means?

According to the online dictionary, ‘favor’ is “an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.”  The definition of ‘grace‘ encompasses the concept of favor: “an act of free and unmerited favor.” It seems favor and grace are excellent actions we should embrace in our own lives, to extend to others, and hopefully be blessed to receive!



Onto this Saturday’s inspiration…



“Lord, what a joy to know

that I can draw near to You at any moment,

wherever I may be…

that I can come boldly to Your throne of grace,

assured of Your glad welcome–

not because I’m worthy or because I’ve served You,

but because You’re a God of grace,

a God of unmerited, unlimited favor–

not little dribbles of favor reluctantly measured out,

but overflowing, superabundant favor.

‘That You should allow Your creature

to have fellowship with You is wonderful enough;

but that You can desire it,

that it gives You satisfaction and joy and pleasure,

is almost too much for my understanding.’

[The Quiet Time].”  

–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise” 



My reflections:


It is truly an awesome thing to ponder: God welcomes us into His presence because He wants to fellowship with us. I also like thinking about the difference between dribbles of favor and overflowing favor–kind of like that tiny 1/8th teaspoon compared to a 4-cup liquid measuring cup! What a contrast!

I daily pray for God’s divine favor, meaning trusting He will grant favor with the right people at the right time, as a channel of blessing.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Have you ever thought about the fact that God desires YOUR personal fellowship with Him?


And that He wants to pour out His favor on you, like a refreshing hot shower when you’re chilly, or a cool one when you’re overheated?




3 thoughts on “Favor and Grace – September 17 Inspiration

  1. I never thought of the connection between favour and grace. It’s nice hearing the dictionary definitions. It’s funny because I friend just asked me a favour today 🙂

  2. My religious heritage (Judaism) teaches that we as humans are to to help others, because we are interdependent on each other. But although it is so hard to ask a favor, we must do this, too, when the time comes. We also teach that each of us has a deeply personalized relationship with our Creator; each unique. This was a meaningful post to read for my upcoming High Holy Days in early October.

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