Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

It’s OK….

Ask for Help When You Need It!


I’m not sure why it happens, but sometimes when we most need help…we tend to NOT ask for it!

Whether it’s pride that keeps us from asking, fear of what others may think of us, or stubborn insistence on doing it all ourselves… sometimes we forget we need to observe limits and be honest about we can and cannot do.



Now onto today’s inspiration…

“I’ve learned from experience that it is wise to set proper limits and margins. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. Asking for help is a good thing to do, also. God has placed certain people in each of our lives to help us. If we do not receive their help, we become frustrated and overworked, and they feel unfulfilled because they are not using their gifts. You cannot be all things to all people all the time. You have legitimate needs.

It is not wrong to need help and ask for it. However, it is wrong to need help and be too proud to ask for it. Many people either complain all the time about what they are expected to do, or they end up falling apart emotionally and physically because they won’t let anyone help them do anything. They don’t think anyone is as qualified for the job as they are.

It is easy to think you are more important than you actually are. Learn to delegate. Let as many people help you as possible. If you do, you will last a lot longer and enjoy yourself a lot more.” 

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”

My Reflections


I can relate to this one all too well; it seems like frustration and overworking are my main strategies. And I can confess that I often neglect to ask for help when I really could use it.


So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you push yourself to the limit and beyond?


Are you comfortable asking for help when you need it?







11 thoughts on “Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

  1. More people need to ask for help, they dont realise how supportive others can be! its easier to let it build up but one day it all comes crashing down and it could be prevented if we just spoke up!

  2. I can so much relate it to my self cause I don’t ask for help until its too much of a need. But I agree with you that one need not to be so stubborn with this attitude, as there are many people out there who are caring and supportive even in your rough phase of life. Nice article, very well written 🙂

  3. I’m definitely comfortable asking for help and I’m thankful that the people around me are also patient in teaching/sharing what they know. Thanks for sharing a great post!

  4. I ask help in little things. But with deep things I seldom share it with a friend or my mom, oftentimes I share it to myself and solve the problem on my own. I feel like I bother them when I’m asking for help, or maybe I can deal it by myself. My parents used to complain when I was a kid that I’m not asking for something or for help. I feared rejection at that time. When mental illnesses start to hit me when I’m trying to break myself free, I talked to a guidance counselor and my adviser which is a registered psychometrician. Time passes by and I’m started to feel well and very motivated. It’s time that I have to be assertive when it comes to things that I need.

  5. This post is really great, Yes indeed sometimes we are stubborn and self reliant that sometimes whe don’t want to rely on others or even to share problems, we try to solve problems on our own. However it is normal to ask for help nothing is bad in there. thank you for sharing this inspirational post.

  6. Sucha lovely post.I must admit sometimes i don’t always ask for help regardless of how much i might need it.
    Asking for help can sometimesbe interpreted as a sign of weakeness wh the case at all.

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