Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment? My Dad’s Legacy of Gratitude

Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment? My Dad’s Legacy of Gratitude

Attitude Adjustment?

OR Attitude of Gratitude?


My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.
My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement



Do you have an attitude of gratitude or do you need an attitude adjustment?

I blogged yesterday about how attitude plays a role in our lives, and can affect whether we block or fulfill our destinies…how “attitude controls altitude.”  It’s also true that gratitude (or lack thereof) affects attitude. That focus brought to mind this post I shared a couple years ago, so I thought I’d update it and share it again today.

One quality my Dad faithfully exhibited, even at the end of his days on earth back in September 2002, was gratitude. He was still thankful for all his blessings and for his family. Even during his last conscious hours, he encouraged US, his family members, to adjust our attitudes and display this attitude of gratitude and not blame God for taking Dad away from us.


To say it has been difficult to consistently be grateful in the 15 1/2 years Dad has been gone, would be a major understatement. However, beginning in November 2011 – motivated by my youngest daughter, who was posting her “things she was thankful for” on Facebook leading up to Thanksgiving – I started doing the same. Nearly every day since then, I have posted “Attitude of Gratitude” posts on Facebook.


That’s over six years of almost daily expressing gratitude for people, material blessings, situations … usually combined with daily devotional thoughts I’ve gleaned from various sources.  Interesting thing is, my own attitude has changed. I’m more positive overall. Another interesting thing has happened – other  people have also started posting about things they are thankful for, or commenting on my posts, thanking me for posting and saying it’s a blessing to them to read my posts almost daily.


Imagine that … by simply exercising an attitude of gratitude, as my Dad requested nearly up to his last breath, my life has changed and I’m beginning to fulfill at least part of his legacy: encouraging others to be grateful for their own blessings.


My (Additional) Reflections


I still miss my Dad so much– especially in March, the birthday month we shared; and June because of Father’s Day; and holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, when we enjoyed large family gatherings; and special family events, like birthdays and anniversaries and graduations; and summer, when we spent many days at the beach for cookouts, or going on camping trips.


But I am thankful for the life lessons he taught my siblings and me, and all those who came in contact with him. I rarely ever heard him complain about anything, even when he was in so much pain from the lymphoma and related issues. Even in this photo with my Mom, siblings, and me, my DAD is the only one genuinely smiling, while the rest of us struggled, knowing Dad’s days were numbered! He was a godly man, and a great role model, right up to the end.


My parents, siblings, and me, shortly before Dad passed away.
My parents, siblings, and me, shortly before Dad passed away on 9-2-2002


So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


 Do you have an attitude of gratitude or do you need an attitude adjustment?


What are YOU thankful for today?





24 thoughts on “Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment? My Dad’s Legacy of Gratitude

  1. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your father… I’m sure your dad is so proud of you sharing his legacy of kindness and gratitude…

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your father and his outlook on life! I agree fathers are often unsung heroes. What would we do without them? I try to make a point each day to consider what I am grateful for, especially the small things that so many people in the world struggle for (food, fresh water, a roof over my head).

  3. Such heartfelt words of emotion for your father. He sounds like an amazing man.
    My parents are still blessed with life but they are aging and I can’t help but think how hard it will be when they will no longer be near me.
    Thank you for this encouraging post. ?

  4. Thank you for your post. What a beautiful way to honor and remember your Father! I’ve always felt happier when feeling truly grateful for the little things. What a wonderful legacy he left for you and your family!

  5. That’s for sure:’ Our attitude determines our altitude”. This is so inspiring…who would go far . It is still the same attitude that will determine if we can show gratitude and yes, to get far , a positive attitude is key!

  6. Living in gratitude on a daily even hour to hour basis makes the difference between living in lack and living in abundance. I’ve noticed throughout my life that you can put two different people into identical circumstances and one will find something to be grateful for and the other will find something to complain about. Those who have a habit of gratitude live happier, calmer and more productive lives. Finding the good in every situation is often labeled “pollyannaish” (yes, that’s a real word), but for me, it isn’t about ignoring the difficulties in life, but making them not only livable, but joyful. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story with us. It made my day.

  7. This was a truly beautiful tribute to what sounds like a great man, your father. I am grateful of stories like this, it makes me thankful to live in a world with people who inspire me daily 🙂

  8. I think it’s so beautiful the way you write about your father – it’s sweet.

    I struggle to write a gratitude journal for more than a week! You’ve inspired me to try again! Thanks!

  9. I believe attitude is the only thing we can truly control. And it also makes us or breaks us, affecting our whole life.

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