Destiny and Divine Intervention – June 23 Inspiration

Destiny and Divine Intervention – June 23 Inspiration

Destiny and Divine Intervention. I wonder if destiny shapes divine intervention, or if divine intervention shapes destiny? I also wonder how many times in our lives events have happened, behind the scenes and unknown to us, that are examples of divine intervention. Bad things diverted away from us, good things directed toward us.


We can allow events we’re aware of to shape our lives, for good or bad. We can choose to overcome negative things, and change for the better. We can also choose to use the positive things to further improve our lives. Regardless of our awareness of events that have happened beyond our control, it’s still our choice how we respond when we are aware of them.



Here is your inspiration for today…


“Lord, thank You that You have me in the place

You want me just now…

even if I got here through wrong choices

or indifference or even rebellion,

yet You knew my mistakes and sins

before I ever existed,

and You worked them into Your plan

to draw me to Yourself,

to mold and bless me,

and to bless others through me.

Thank You that even if I’m here through the ill will

or poor judgment of other people,

all is well; for in Your sovereign wisdom,

You are at work to bring about good results

from all those past decisions,

those past events beyond my control–

good results both for me and for others.

So I rest in the fact that You have me

in this place for this day,

and I praise You that You will faithfully guide me

throughout life to just where You want me to be,

as I seek do Your will.”

–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise”


My reflections:

I am thankful for God’s divine intervention, on many occasions  I know about because there’s no other explanation for the outcome, especially when I survived a near-death experience.

I’m thankful God turns things around for our good, even when other people meant to harm us or circumstances indicated things should have turned out otherwise.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you believe in divine intervention, or have you experienced it in your life?

Which do you think affects or shapes the other (destiny on divine intervention or vice versa)?

Do you agree you don’t have to allow your history to decide your destiny?



4 thoughts on “Destiny and Divine Intervention – June 23 Inspiration

  1. I have a different viewpoint. My religion teaches we have free will. And the highest form of exercising free will is to do G-d’s will. But how do we know what it is? And, can we receive divine intervention? These are serious questions we strive to answer.

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