Decluttering and Letting Go – July 9 Inspiration

Decluttering and Letting Go – July 9 Inspiration

Decluttering and Letting Go. If you didn’t get a chance to do some spring cleaning or decluttering, in your home or your life, maybe this point in the early summer season would be a good time to start! It might be a good time to “put off putting things off” – in other words, overcome procrastination and make a clean sweep, literally and figuratively!

This is what hubby Dave and I have been working on over the past couple of weeks, since we acquired extra possessions following Dave’s brother’s death. We already have a small house and lots of stuff crammed into it; in order to make room for some of the sentimental and practical items Dave acquired from his brother’s belongings, we had to let others things go.


Here are some inspirational thoughts for this Saturday…

“Have you ever gone on a cleaning rampage

to straighten up your home or office?

Did you enjoy pitching junk, straightening objects,

and organizing materials so that

you could find them when you need them?

You may need to get on a a Holy Ghost rampage

and do the same thing with your life.

Say, ‘I’ve had enough bondage.

I’ve had enough negative thoughts.

I’ve had enough lies  of the devil.

I’m not going to be discouraged,

depressed, or despondent.

I am going to enjoy my life!’

Jesus is ready to help you live life to the fullest!”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

 I know I certainly need to do this literally, continue with my decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing. Clutter in my physical spaces is much too rampant and visible in nearly every photo I look at of pictures taken in our home. Clutter in my emotional, mental, and spiritual “spaces” could also use some dedicated cleaning, sorting, and reorganizing!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Are you an organized person, so you find it easy to keep things neat and “a place for everything and everything in its place”?

Or can you relate to this need to do some decluttering and reorganizing in various areas of your life?



8 thoughts on “Decluttering and Letting Go – July 9 Inspiration

  1. K-Lee, I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I also live in a small place, and we get to make decisions every day about letting things go, or even letting things not even come into the house.:-) As a stress management expert and as a spiritual person, I love and recommend decluttering on every level. You’ve used a powerful quote from Joyce Meyer. Decluttering our thinking and our lives may seem a bit abstract, compared to decluttering a room, but it’s both powerful and gratifying. Thanks for raising this important subject.

  2. This is very timely for me. I’ve been holding on to boxes and boxes of books in our small house, too. It’s hard to let go but I’ll try.

    Thank you for this great reminder!

  3. I love to de-clutter the emotional and physical benefits are insurmountable. For me it gives a clean slate feeling lighter brighter and making room for new adventures and thought processes

  4. Letting go. But the two question we need to ask our self is when and how to let go.
    In my job I meant people who suffer from P.T.S.D (post traumatic stress disorder) and people says just let go. I bet everyone of these people wish they can let go.
    I know forcing an issue isn’t going to help. Slowly releasing it seem to be a smoother way of handling it.

    I still have my pile in basement what I want to yard sale. If I don’t have a yard sale mid September that pile is being donated to one of our thrift store and someone could use the items.

    Coffee is on

    Coffee is oh

  5. I can so relate. I have some of my mother in law’s stuff but I had lots of clutter before some of her stuff joined our stuff. 30 years worth of our stuff. We try to start paring, and did a little last year. Less clutter control this year. Lots of emotional attachments. You continue in my thoughts over your recent loss, K-Lee.

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