Declaring Our Faith in Challenging Times

Declaring Our Faith in Challenging Times

Declaring our faith in challenging times can attract criticism, persecution–and in some parts of the world–imprisonment, torture, and even death. It’s a personal choice whether to keep silent, or to speak up and not apologize for our faith. In that case, we need to make our faith known with actions AND words. It’s important to honor our word so people can trust us and know we are reliable. However, we also need to back up our words with action. Intentions and words come up empty if we don’t support them with appropriate actions to reinforce those intentions and words.




So onto today’s inspirational thought…


“As Christians, it is important

to make a declaration of faith

with our actions

and not just with what we say

we believe in our hearts. 

People often say, ‘My heart is right,’

but people cannot read our hearts;

they can only see our actions. 

 It is important that we show,

with our actions,

what we believe in our hearts.”

–Joyce  Meyers in “New Day New You”




My Reflections


Words are powerful, but if our actions don’t align with our words, they can come across as meaningless and cause people to question our integrity. I’m reminded of Christians who have their religious bumper stickers and jewelry, but whose actions don’t give any indication of those alleged beliefs.


We really need to make sure our words, actions, AND our heart beliefs all align and present a positive declaration of our faith.




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you ever felt as if your words and actions don’t always line up?


How did or would you correct things?




6 thoughts on “Declaring Our Faith in Challenging Times

  1. Hi Karen

    This is so powerful and you are so right that our words and thoughts should sync.

    I used to think that it is all about words but as you shared, actions speak a whole lot.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care

  2. Several years ago I read the bible from beginning to end. It took a very long time. When I finally reached the sermon on the mount I was struck by the power of those simple words. And when I reflected upon it, I realized that so many Christians claim to be religious and spiritual but their actions reveal something else.

    My goal and mission is to love and be loved, to teach about love and to help others feel that love. However, I have often caught myself feeling less than loving thoughts toward specific individuals or situations that did not provide for me what I was wanting and expecting. I keep having to check myself and remember the lofty goal and mission. Not always easy.

    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Are You A Victim or A Victor?My Profile

  3. I agree that words and actions must match. I hope that my actions match my words but am not sure that they always do. I am a work in progress so, if I fall short now and am aware of it, I have it within me to change and to become a better human, with God’s help.

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