Day After Christmas Was Melancholy Monday

Day After Christmas Was Melancholy Monday

I’ve been snagging some older posts to finish out 2016, to help me have time for other projects that require my attention. This was going to be Monday’s post and was certainly fitting for me on this particular Monday, the day after Christmas.

Mondays seem to have this reputation–the day after the weekend, difficult to get back into the swing of things in the workplace (even for us work at home types!), and if the weather is anything other than sunny, it causes that melancholy feeling that makes the day even worse.

No big surprise, then, that Monday’s devotions discussed not allowing negative feelings to show up on our faces!

So here are Monday’s devotions.

“Our countenance is simply the way we look.

It refers to our faces.

In the church today, we need to be concerned

about our countenance.

When the world looks at us,

they need to see something about us

that is different from them.

Christians are supposed to be

joyful people who walk in love.

We must ask ourselves,

‘Would people know that I am a Christian

by looking at my countenance most of the time?'”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

This is one of those “ouch” devotionals–because I know for a fact that I often forget my smile at home when I’m out and about doing errands and shopping, or going to appointments. Ooops. 🙁 I have a distant memory of somebody preaching on how a smile can increase our “face value” — and yet, for people who have the “joy of the Lord” inside, we neglect to let our faces know far too often!

This Monday was especially tough for me, following Christmas, because I was missing my deceased parents and my adult kids and my granddaughters. Holidays just aren’t the same as they used to be, and I sometimes long for those long ago large family gatherings.

This Christmas was even more difficult because it was my hubby’s first one without his younger brother who committed suicide back in June. I managed to stay strong for Dave throughout Christmas day, and then fell apart yesterday.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Did this one get your attention?

Do you ever  forget to bring YOUR smile when you’re around other people, especially if the cares of this life are weighing you down?

Do you struggle through the holidays because you’re not able to be with someone special, either due to the person’s death or distance away when travel is not possible?



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