Check Out My Spruce Up Spring Special – UBC Day 8 #blogboost

Check Out My Spruce Up Spring Special – UBC Day 8 #blogboost



pinwheel pillow at etsyPinwheel Pillow


I  am still playing catch-up after a big working weekend–but it was worth it, since I was able to invoice for almost four figures! 😉

The UBC writing prompt for April 8th was to share a contest or a promotion. Since I did a contest during the last UBC month (in January), I thought I’d do a promotion post this time about my “Spruce Up Spring” special at my Etsy shop!


                                                               Spruce Up Spring Specials at My Etsy Shop!



What this means is you could get $5 to $15 off the price of pillows, bags, and small wall quilts — and $20-$25 off quilts–PLUS FREE SHIPPING! 🙂  Etsy has a unique feature that allows us sellers to set up a private sales pages for custom orders and special prices. So if you decide to order something to take advantage of this spring special, you would just need to contact me and I would set up the private sales page for you.


photo pillows at etsyPhoto pillows I made for my granddaughters


All my products at this time are custom orders, so the items pictured are examples of other orders I’ve filled already. I post them as examples of what I make for item and design options. Then each customer gets to choose colors and add photos, if it’s a photo-imprinted item.


log cabin quilt and bag at etsyLog cabin quilt and “jelly roll” bag


So if you have ever thought about ordering a custom pillow, bag, wall quilt, or larger quilt … now is the time to take advantage of my Spruce Up Spring Specials! 🙂


monster truck t-shirt quilt at etsy
Monster truck t-shirt quilt I made for a customer


So What About YOU?


Have you visited my Etsy shop before?


Would you mind sharing this post to help me promote my spring specials? Thanks! 🙂


original KLK design at etsy
           My Original KLK Design



Thanks for reading and sharing! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Check Out My Spruce Up Spring Special – UBC Day 8 #blogboost

  1. WOW! Your pillows are amazing! I love what you made for your granddaughters. What a special memory for them to have!! I also love your T-shirt quilt. Maybe one day I can make one of these with all of my band T-shirts!! =)

  2. Wow! Your work looks great. I wish I could quilt like this. I’ll have to check out your Etsy shop right now. 🙂
    xo, SC //

  3. I love photo pillows, especially when they are made with a young child and 20 years later you still have the pillow. I love your quilts also!

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