Believe and Rest in God – July 2 Inspiration

Believe and Rest in God – July 2 Inspiration

Believe and rest in God. Just the idea sounds comforting and peaceful, especially after the events of the last two days here, which included me being in the hospital for a medical procedure, and then recuperating afterwards on July 1st — and my brother-in-law’s funeral and memorial gathering today, July 2nd.

While we laid my brother-in-law’s earthly remains to rest today, we can all rest in God now. Resting in God, to me, sounds like being surrounded by love and simply taking in serene, tranquil scenery or a precious family moment. Much better than feeling fearful, faithless, and completely stressed out.

It’s similar to the example I’ve heard of two artists asked to paint a picture of a scene that represents trust and peace. One artist painted a tranquil scene of a meadow by a small stream; the other painted a scene of a bird in a nest on a tree limb, over a raging river during a storm–but the bird wasn’t affected by the chaos around it. The second artist’s painting was chosen, because trust and peace isn’t the absence of chaos–but the existence of trust and peace in the midst of chaos.



Here’s your inspiration for this Saturday…


“Believing God really is simple,

yet we make it very complicated.

Hebrews 4 teaches us that we can enter

the rest of God through believing (v. 3).

Those who have entered the rest of God

have ceased from the weariness

and pain of human labors (v. 10).

They are not tied up in knots;

they are relaxed, secure,

and free to be themselves.

We can enter the rest of God

concerning what people think of us

and whether they approve of us.

We can become so secure in Christ

that as long as we know our hearts are right,

we know whatever people think of us

is between them and God,

and not our concern.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

Entering the rest of God, ceasing from weariness, and NOT being tied up in knots…all sounds like such a  welcome relief!

I also like the idea of being so confident in the rest of God that what anybody else thinks of me or says about me doesn’t bother me. I have to work to enter that rest and achieve that place!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you find it easy to believe and be at rest?

What do you think about the concept of  the two paintings?


My brother-in-law's earthly resting place.
         My brother-in-law’s earthly resting place.




3 thoughts on “Believe and Rest in God – July 2 Inspiration

  1. Well ever since I was little I only truly prayed to god when I was in trouble or when I wanted something so as i got older I began to realize this was wrong and it changed my whole perspective on why I do the things I do.

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