Balance and Accomplishment vs. Exhaustion and Burnout – August 5 Inspiration

Balance and Accomplishment vs. Exhaustion and Burnout – August 5 Inspiration

Balance and Accomplishment. Doesn’t the idea sound comforting and uplifting? Compare that with this frequent reality:  Exhaustion and Burnout. Even reading those words can make you feel tired and stressed! It is certainly a challenge to learn to balance our activities and obligations so we can accomplish the right number of tasks without overdoing it, and without reaching that point of burnout.



Here’s your Friday inspirational food for thought…


“Are you excessively tired all the time,

even after sleeping?

Do you go to doctors,

but they cannot find anything wrong with you?

You may be experiencing

some of the symptoms of burnout.

Long periods of overexertion and stress

can cause constant fatigue,

headaches, sleeplessness,

gastrointestinal problems, and tension.

Some other signals of burnout are crying,

being easily angered, negativity,

irritability, depression,

 cynicism (scornful, mocking of the virtues of others),

and bitterness toward others’ blessings

and even their good health.

People today are quick to argue that

they cannot afford to take a day off,

but I say they cannot afford NOT to do it.

We often hear, ‘I am too busy to do that.

I would never get everything done if I did that.’

My answer is, ‘Then you are too busy

and something needs to change in your life.’

Remember, the Bible says

we reap only what we sow.

If we sow continual stress

with no rest to offset it,

we will reap the results

in our bodies, emotions, and minds.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

This is another devotional thought that’s very fitting for me right now.  I admit that I’m constantly striving to find that balance, but I also think some of the challenge is using effective time management principles and simplifying my life in various areas.

I would much rather achieve a balance and accomplish more, than continue to struggle with exhaustion and burnout!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you often suffer from exhaustion and burnout?

If not, do you have strategies that work for you to achieve a balance so you can accomplish more? (Care to share?)



4 thoughts on “Balance and Accomplishment vs. Exhaustion and Burnout – August 5 Inspiration

  1. Stress can kill. It is so important for us to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, to survive, we MUST put ourselves, and our needs, first. But it can be so hard to, especially when others depend on us. Still, we must find ways to take care of ourselves.

  2. I’m definitely exhaustion and burnout. I’m always tired; I never sleep through the night; and my mind races constantly. I’m a huge perfectionist in every part of my life and I’m going to therapy for it.

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