Answers to Prayer and Fulfillment of Dreams

Answers to Prayer and Fulfillment of Dreams

Prayers and Dreams



I’ve prayed a lot of prayers and dreamed a lot of dreams in my life. Not all prayers have been answered the way I wanted, and not all dreams have come to fruition…yet, anyway!


BUT … many prayers HAVE been answered and some dreams HAVE been fulfilled; for instance….


     I am with the love of my life. We truly love and care for one another. And for over 14 years, we have rejoiced with one another in the good times and supported each other in the difficult times, including coping with the loss of family members  (including fur babies) and friends on both sides.


                  I have four amazing kids who are all in committed relationships and are all successful in their own ways.


     I now also have four beautiful granddaughters, a dream I didn’t even know was forming in my heart until the first granddaughter was born!


     I have a houseful of fur babies, all rescued from uncertain futures and even from the brink of death, in many of their cases.

     I have the opportunity to work from home and while that has had its ups and downs, I still prefer it to working and traveling outside the home.


Of course, my most recent answer to prayer and fulfilled dream was the successful completion of my doctoral journey, just about two months ago (June 26). By becoming Dr. Banks, I am joining a very small “club” of under 2% of people who earn professional (non-medical) doctorate degrees! This is an honor I never would have imagined even 15-20 years ago!



     And NOW, just yesterday, in fact– I learned that my study has been published in a peer-reviewed book by IGI Global, entitled Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses. It comprises chapter 11 in that book.  I submitted it a few months ago with the encouragement of one of my dissertation committee members, who was an editor on the book.


It’s official! I’m a published scholarly researcher!


So What About YOU?


Are you still praying and dreaming?


Have you had any recent answers to prayers or fulfilled dreams?













2 thoughts on “Answers to Prayer and Fulfillment of Dreams

  1. What a fantastic life you’re living! Rescuing beautiful animals, earning a doctoral degree, and now having your work published. You are blessed! 🙂

  2. Congrats! I have a lot of dreams and goals too. Sometimes I think though the best thing is to just grateful for what I have in the present instead of focusing so much on the future 🙂

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