Your Choice: Step Out to Find Direction OR Step Back and Stagnate

Your Choice: Step Out to Find Direction OR Step Back and Stagnate

It’s Your Choice:

Step Out OR Step Back!



Many times we have to take steps of faith to find out how to fulfill our potential and purpose in life. It’s not always easy to do this, obviously, and we often encounter barriers and struggles along the way in this journey of life that are frustrating and even painful. Yet with God’s guidance, we can still make progress even during difficult times. It’s always better to keep stepping forward, because stepping backward can lead to stagnation, discouragement, and depression.



Here is some inspiration for today, excerpted from two of Joyce Meyer’s devotionals.


“The only way we ever reach our final destination and succeed at being our true selves, is to take many, many steps of faith.

Stepping out into the unknown–into something we have never done before–can leave us shaking in our boots.

Because of feelings of fear, many people never ‘step out,’ therefore, they never ‘find out’ what they are capable of.”

-Joyce Meyer inThe Confident Woman Devotional



“God can strengthen us to the point that we can make progress even DURING  trouble.

Trials and testing do not come to cause us to lose stability. They are opportunities to prove the strength of God.

Nothing will keep us from making progress today because God is our strength.”

–Joyce Meyer inStarting Your Day Right


My Reflections

I think these two devotional thoughts go well together. It’s good advice to “step out to find out” because we won’t fulfill our potential if we stand still. It’s like that analogy of standing in front of an automatic door that won’t open unless we step forward to activate the mechanism.

I also know from personal experience that we grow by going through struggles, by the grace of God. I’m just thankful He does take us THROUGH–He doesn’t abandon us in the midst of the problems!



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you agree with the idea of taking steps of faith to find out what you need to do to fulfill your potential?


Have you experienced growth when you go through trials and testing?








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