Your Choice: Hold On and Struggle OR Let Go and Let God Gain the Victory for You

Your Choice: Hold On and Struggle OR Let Go and Let God Gain the Victory for You

It’s a Personal Choice ….

We can choose to hold onto our problems and struggle through, or let go and let God gain the victory for us. The first requires a major expenditure of energy, and causes frustration and stress–the latter requires a step of faith to trust God to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.


Here’s today’s inspiration…

“The Bible speaks of the arm of the flesh and the arm of the Lord. One is based on human ideas and effort; the other is based on God’s plan and power.

It is hard work to carry out the plans and schemes you yourself devise because you are operating in the flesh. But when God starts something, He carries it through to completion without any struggle on your part.

If you are facing struggles, it may be because you are taking matters into your own hand instead of being patient and waiting on the Lord to work things out according to His perfect will.

So stop struggling–turn away  from the arm of the flesh and learn to live victoriously according to God’s divine plan and purpose for your life.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My Reflections


I find it so ironic–and even bordering on eery–that this is so applicable to some personal and family issues going on! How difficult it is sometimes to “let go and let God” in the midst of troubling circumstances; yet that’s always the best way to go!



So What Are YOUR Thoughts? 


Do you have trouble trusting God when all around you seems so out of order?


Do you find yourself wanting to “fix” things instead of waiting for God to move on your behalf?

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  1. I needed to hear these exact words of comfort, strength, and wisdom. Thank you for sharing your insight. I need to relax and let God work his magic.
    xo Debbie |

  2. I find myself relying on God when in trouble but have a hard time naturally just putting it in prayer first before stepping into something. I just faithfully believe he is guiding me in everything. But I do need to pray for guidance more often. Thank you for your positive message.

  3. That quote is so true. I really need to get out of His way!! Thank you for this.

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