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YOU Are NOT Useless or Hopeless – August 9 Inspiration


You, reading this post today: you are NOT useless or hopeless–you are loved and you matter. No matter what you have done or not done, what your past is like, or where you are today in your life, you should know how special and precious your life is. {{Hugs!!}}

Here is your inspiration for this Tuesday…

“God chooses what the world

throws away as useless.

There are no hopeless cases,

no useless people in God’s eyes.

Each of us is His special creation.

We are not accidents;

and if we will give Him the opportunity,

He will restore everything

that has been damaged

and help us be someone

even we can delighted to be.

Ego thrives on competition

and striving to be first,

but what is the point of competition?

What does it get you?

Not contentment. Not joy.

It can’t get you the one thing that matters–

eternal salvation and peace with God.

To get that, you have to forsake ego

and embrace spirit;

and often the ones who have

the easiest time doing this

are not the powerful,

but the meek.

Instead of competition,

spirit thrives on cooperation and love;

because the only true goal

is to know God,

and then to help others,

through love, to do the same.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

I think it is vital for each and every one of us to know how precious we are in the sight of God.

He wouldn’t have provided a way of salvation through the suffering, death, and resurrection of His Son Jesus if we were NOT precious to Him.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you believe you are precious in God’s eyes?

Will you celebrate YOU and do something enjoyable today?



  1. Momina Arif

    I just had the worst day. My cat passed away. its nice finding some positivity on the internet. great post.

    09 . Aug . 2016
  2. Jasmine Eclipse

    I loved reading through this. It’s so easy to forget how special and important we are, but when we look at ourselves from God’s eyes, it’s so much more clear! Thank you for sharing this today!

    09 . Aug . 2016
  3. Kevin Arrow

    Great post and certainly something to think about and reflect on..thank you

    09 . Aug . 2016
  4. Denise

    So refreshing to hear such a positive message. I’m sure this would give hope to many people.

    09 . Aug . 2016
  5. Melinda

    Such a great message 🙂

    09 . Aug . 2016
  6. Jessica

    I try to make sure my kids hear these things from me so that they have a script in their head because when you become adults no one feels like they have to tell you it and you need to have it inside you.

    09 . Aug . 2016
  7. Amy Jones

    Empowering and enlightening article. It’s so easy to forget your own woth but once you’re back on your feet it’s the best feeling ever! Beautiful post

    09 . Aug . 2016
  8. Claudette Esterine

    This I know for sure – that I was and am not useless or hopeless! 🙂

    09 . Aug . 2016
  9. Melanie Smith

    I know I’m precious in God’s eyes!! I know that. And of course I’m celebrating something today: LIFE!

    09 . Aug . 2016
  10. Elizabeth O.

    I really appreciate this post. Just because you did something that wasn’t successful once in your life doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. People will always forgive and forget. And you can always start again.

    10 . Aug . 2016
  11. Azlin Bloor

    Brilliant post and I’m sure it has lifted many spirits today! I’m lucky to not suffer from such a sentiment, never have, never will. Looking forward to the next one!

    10 . Aug . 2016
  12. peace kairu

    This is amazing I love this I am loved. Very very positive post.

    11 . Aug . 2016
  13. Wildish Jess

    Such great words to remember when in a time of doubt.

    12 . Aug . 2016

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