1. I’m usually not superstitious, every once in awhile. My mom was superstitious about everything, I think that’s why I’m not. I’m a little bit of a rebel. I enjoyed the Bible verses and the mention of Max Lucado, I just found out about him recently. Love his work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Enjoyed reading your post about the #13 and worrying. I come from a family of worry warts, lol As far as the #13, my grandma hated it as she had quite a few bad things happen to her on the 13th. However, my moms loves the 13th and considers it lucky. Me, I don’t really feel any different about the 13th than any other day. Then again, I don’t work in a hospital where they probably see a lot of weird stuff, lol. Thanks for sharing.
    Samantha recently posted..Travel Quote – “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”My Profile

  3. I do worry from time to time. I am getting a better hold on my anxiety. I do not worry about the 13th of a Friday. Maybe I should, as my baby sister was born on Friday the 13th and has been a living terror ever since.

  4. Thanks for this post. Worry and anxiety are part of our default reaction to life uncertainties, but just as you rightly assert, they are counter productive.
    When we allow ourselves to worry, we waste our mental energy on things that won’t add any value to us.
    The quotes you shared are very inspiring and informative. Knowledge is the antidote to ignorance, and this post is indeed an eye opener.

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