Worry vs. Faith – December 8 Devotions

It’s amazing the difference a year can make–or two or three years. Back in 2012, a week before Christmas, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Kita, our 12 1/2-year-old black lab. She had a cancerous tumor and numerous age-related issues. We finally realized it was selfish to keep her around for our sake; she was suffering and we had to let her go. It seems like every Christmas season since then has been difficult for one reason or another, and we really didn’t look forward to it as much as we used to.


Our little pet-proof tree, flat-backed, hanging on the wall near the ceiling!
Our little pet-proof tree, flat-backed, hanging on the wall near the ceiling!


This year, overall, has been much better in many ways. Both hubby Dave and I have consistent work, so finances are better. Although we lost our oldest cat last month, we gained three more little kittens, and they are bringing so much joy into our lives. I’ve recovered from surgery and I’m just feeling more “in the spirit” of the season. I am decorating, wrapping presents, working on projects, and really looking forward to getting together with family for Christmas.



So onto today’s devotional thought…

“Someone once said,

‘Worry is interest paid on trouble

before trouble falls due.’

Trying to solve tomorrow’s problems today

only steals the energy God has prearranged for you

to enjoy today.

Don’t waste your time worrying!

It is vain and useless.

Many of our worries are unfounded and unnecessary.

Worry is the end of faith,

and faith is the end of worry.

Prayer must replace our worry.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I have noticed the truth of this; worrying drains our energy! My favorite line in this devotional is this one: “Worry is the end of faith, and faith is the end of worry.”  I definitely prefer to choose faith over worry!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

If you celebrate the holidays this month, how is it going? What do you think of this devotional? Do you agree that worry is draining, while faith is invigorating?


Happy Holidays from Dave and me, and our fur babies!

Hubby Dave and me, with our dogs Desi and Zoe.
Hubby Dave and me, with our dogs Desi and Zoe.


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  1. i know the heartache of losing a pet and i do miss my cat at the holidays. i love the quote about worry being the end of faith and faith being the end of worry. all we can do is leave our problems at the foot of the Lord
    michelle recently posted..The Best Birthday FreebiesMy Profile

  2. That’s true. A lot can happen in a year but the people who choose to stay with you are the ones who are worth your love. Thanks for an awesome post!

  3. Yes i agree give it to the Lord and the Lord lessen your worry

  4. Sorry to hear about your surgery hope you are ok? I am glad that this year has been better for you x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted..ColourblockingMy Profile

  5. Glad you are having a better year this year & that your surgery went well.

  6. Pets are part of the family and it is really a heartache when we loss them in life.

  7. It really is a waste of energy to worry, challenging as it is not to. We all manage our concerns differently and have to find our individual ways of coping.
    Claudette recently posted..4 Everyday Foods That HealMy Profile

  8. Your are right, we have to count our blessing and the most important of all is Family!

  9. So glad this year is better. I try to focus on what is going well in life and trust God with the things I can not control. This approach causes me to worry less, which is a good thing in my mind.
    Chanelle DeGraff recently posted..Christmas Gift Guide For Crafters 2015My Profile

  10. I’m so glad you’re experiencing so much joy this holiday season. I imagine the kitties are keeping you smiling big time!
    Liz Mays recently posted..Reindeer Eggnog – 2 Ways!My Profile

  11. I know it’s easier said than done, but worrying is so bad for my mental state, and I try to breathe and remember things are going to happen that are out of my control, and that’s ok!
    Shannon Peterson recently posted..Salt Lake City WeekendMy Profile

  12. Glad to know that this year is a good one for you and your husband. Try not to worry too much. Take it easy and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas, Karen and may you have more reasons to smile each day …
    R U S S recently posted..Food Trip: Marius M Spa & Café, CaviteMy Profile

  13. Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It’s fun but gets nothing done. I’ve got most of my Christmas presents, just need to get a joint one for my folks and a present for my father in law and I think I’ll be alright!

  14. I lost my sweet dog last year for similar reasons. 🙁 So glad you’re feeling better this year. Nice pic of you and hubby.
    Have a blessed Christmas!
    Barbara recently posted..Slow Cooker Pork Osso BuccoMy Profile

  15. Very true. Worrying is a sin. God controls everything. Let it go and surrender all to HIM.

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