Working Wednesday – April 29 Devotions on Praise, Patience, Performance, Practice, and Positivity

Working Wednesday – April 29 Devotions on Praise, Patience, Performance, Practice, and Positivity

Yes, it’s a “working Wednesday” because I have both freelance and sewing work to do! I’m very thankful I can do this work at home and don’t have to travel “out there” to do any of it–especially since we only have one car AND we can’t leave the dogs home alone all day. It’s funny how they always know when it’s that time of the afternoon for “Papa” to get home from work, though!

Desi and Zoe waiting for Papa to arrive from work!
Desi and Zoe patiently waiting for Papa to get home from work!


Speaking of patience, onto today’s devotions that all seem to be about “p” words: praise, patience, performance, practice, and positivity.

Remember you can read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day on my page, Daily Scripture Readings. AND check out my new page, where you can have an opportunity to put compassion into action–whether through praying, sharing the linked causes, and/or donating.






“Lord, thank You that I can give myself up to be led by You… I can go forth praising and at rest, letting you manage me and my day.


Thank You that I can throw the whole weight of my anxieties on You, for I am Your personal concern.”


–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise” 



“If you spend years on the performance treadmill of the world, it it hard to get off. When you are addicted to feeling good about yourself only when you perform well, you are in for a life of misery. It is a cycle of trying and failing, trying harder and failing again, and feeling guilty and rejected.


If you are trapped on the performance treadmill, ask God to break the cycle in your life. Let your confidence be based on who you are in Christ.”  


–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


“I encourage you to practice being a positive person. It’s just a matter of breaking one bad habit and forming a new good one. Discipline is required any time you are forming a new habit. Ask a good friend or a spouse to remind you if they hear you slipping into negativism.


Practice trusting yourself rather than doubting yourself. You can train yourself to be positive in what appears to be a negative situation.


Pray: Lord, show me where I am stuck in negativity and need to break through to trusting You. Help me to have the right thoughts and attitudes that move me forward. Amen.”


–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


-1- I’ve mentioned before that this is one of my favorite day’s devotions in this particular devotional book. It’s nice to know God can help me manage my time if I let Him, and that I can cast my cares and anxieties on Him, because He can handle them better than I can!


-2- Ah yes, the performance treadmill–one type of treadmill we do NOT want to use, because it is NOT healthy for us! Another concept that is about our worth being based on our “who” rather than on our “do.” Not sure why that’s so hard to grasp sometimes!


-3- And again, sometimes and some days it’s easier to practice positivity than others! Just like being stuck on that performance treadmill, sometimes we get stuck in that rut of negativity and need a hand getting pulled OUT of it!



So what are YOUR thoughts?


Had you ever considered relying on God for time management and anxiety reduction?


Have you ever been or are you now stuck on that performance treadmill?


Are you generally a positive person or do you struggle with negativity due to your life circumstances that can be overwhelming at times?




20 thoughts on “Working Wednesday – April 29 Devotions on Praise, Patience, Performance, Practice, and Positivity

  1. Hi KLee – first off love that you can work at home and those are some cuties waiting for ‘Papa’ – they have great inner clocks!
    and I so enjoy your posts – thank you – this stood out for me – “Had you ever considered relying on God for time management and anxiety reduction?” That is a great thought to put into action – it seems we do get so caught up with time, we forget God.
    Donna Ward recently posted..Keys to Being a Bold Content Strategist?My Profile

  2. This is quite a treadmill! I’d like to add a “P” to your list, and that would be Pamela, whose 71st birthday is today. She is my business partner, and I must admit, sometimes we are on a treadmill together! Almost 7 years ago she had a heart attack (right there at the shop) and 5-way bypass (I had never even hear of 5-way bypass). That’s where they take your heart out of your body and work on the bottom! Anyway, they gave her 6 months to live… So, yes, sometimes life is a treadmill (even at the flower shop) but we have both learned to slow down and stop and smell the flowers (literally). I hope you have a marvelous day!!
    Tina recently posted..A Little HumorMy Profile

  3. Oh, I know too well how easy it is to be caught up in negativity and forget to ‘count your blessings!’ I try very hard to remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for, and if I’m struggling, I try to remind myself that there’s a plan unfolding. I just may have no clue what that plan is, but I trust that it will all work out the way it’s supposed to.
    Jessica recently posted..Is Stress Killing Your Productivity?My Profile

  4. I do tend to be negative. Thank you for the reminder to count my blessings. I usually do that right as I wake up – because, as a friend with cancer told me once, the best part of waking up….is waking up. So I am truly grateful each and every day I wake up, with a job, my health, and a husband who loves me-no matter what will happen that day, that is how I begin.
    Alana recently posted..Ybor CityMy Profile

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