1. Hi KLee – first off love that you can work at home and those are some cuties waiting for ‘Papa’ – they have great inner clocks!
    and I so enjoy your posts – thank you – this stood out for me – “Had you ever considered relying on God for time management and anxiety reduction?” That is a great thought to put into action – it seems we do get so caught up with time, we forget God.
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  2. This is quite a treadmill! I’d like to add a “P” to your list, and that would be Pamela, whose 71st birthday is today. She is my business partner, and I must admit, sometimes we are on a treadmill together! Almost 7 years ago she had a heart attack (right there at the shop) and 5-way bypass (I had never even hear of 5-way bypass). That’s where they take your heart out of your body and work on the bottom! Anyway, they gave her 6 months to live… So, yes, sometimes life is a treadmill (even at the flower shop) but we have both learned to slow down and stop and smell the flowers (literally). I hope you have a marvelous day!!
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  3. Oh, I know too well how easy it is to be caught up in negativity and forget to ‘count your blessings!’ I try very hard to remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for, and if I’m struggling, I try to remind myself that there’s a plan unfolding. I just may have no clue what that plan is, but I trust that it will all work out the way it’s supposed to.
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  4. I do tend to be negative. Thank you for the reminder to count my blessings. I usually do that right as I wake up – because, as a friend with cancer told me once, the best part of waking up….is waking up. So I am truly grateful each and every day I wake up, with a job, my health, and a husband who loves me-no matter what will happen that day, that is how I begin.
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  5. M from The Stay-at-Home Life

    I love being able to do my freelance and blog work at home while taking care of the kids.

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