When Fear Knocks – Send Faith to Answer the Door!

When Fear is Knocking..

Send Faith to the Door!

How often does fear of someone or something send us into hiding, or perhaps into the “fight or flight” mode, depending on our personalities and the nature of the fearful reaction? The same seems to hold true for fearful or anxious situations that arise, when we need to know how to handle them. A quote I’ve heard, and don’t know the source, is, “When fear comes knocking, send faith to answer the door!” Sounds like good advice!




Here’s your inspirational thought for this Saturday…


“Take a look at Ephesians 6 and notice what battle armor God provides us with… Notice there’s nothing provided to protect our backside! That’s because God never intended us to run from our enemies. His plan was and still is that with Him at our side, we confront any issue in our lives that is a problem.

People are so skilled at not facing real issues, and they’re even better at trying to cover them up by living make-believe lives and inventing false personalities.

It is time to take a stand and confront fear!”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”



My Reflections

I am not really a confrontational person, so it’s difficult for me sometimes to stand up for myself. However, as this devotional points out, there is no spiritual armor for our backside, so we really do need to learn to face our fears and the issues in our lives.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

Do you face issues and stand up for yourself?

Or do you tend to be shy and prefer to “keep the peace” rather than stir things up that would be in your best interest?








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  1. Hi Karen Banks,
    I found a lot of inspiration in this post.
    Our default reaction to uncertainties is fear. Most of the times, we run away from our battles because of fear.
    One very vital thing I learned from this post is that God want us to be offensive in dealing with life battless and not being defensive, which is the reason He doesn’t provide a protective weapon for our backs.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Keeping the peace is more like me and it can be a challenge to face your challenges due to the fear of failure and sometimes even fear of success… so trying to keep the peace by avoidance can definitely lead to a life not fully lived. A lesson that I remind myself to face life in the face and just do your best … and with God… all is bearable to be overcome. Thank you… great post.

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