1. Hmmm. My perfect society…

    A society wherein there is no separation by color- Where people only see the beauty of a Creator’s artistic palette, not a reason to avoid another.

    A society wherein nationality is a foregone yet accepted conclusion- That is, everyone knows where everyone else is from, and it only adds to the love.

    A society wherein crime isn’t even a memory- It simply doesn’t exist.

    A society where life has the highest value- More than money, more than position, more than prestige.

    A society where discussions, debates, and conversations happen- Without hard feelings, confusion, or misunderstanding.

    A society where leadership is compassionate, humble, genuine, truthful, loving and sacrificial- Where there is not an ounce of deceit, guile, cruelty, or selfishness to be found.

    …So yes, I guess I am describing Heaven… But I look forward to the day when those Earthbound residents of the Kingdom of God actively represent their heavenly citizenship.

    WE can be that bit of Heaven on Earth… If we so choose.

  2. Hi Karen Lee
    This is a great post.
    My dream society is one where everyone lives together in peace and love. A society that is void of human frailties that characterize our current world. A society where everyone will be happy and equal.
    Thanks sharing

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