What Is Your Declaration for 2017? Mine Is BREAKTHROUGHS!

What Is Your Declaration for 2017? Mine Is BREAKTHROUGHS!

The Bible and the Law of Attraction have many principles in common, including the emphasis on the power of words, and proclaiming things in faith–even when we can’t physically see them. “Calling things that are not as if they are” [paraphrased from Romans 4:17].


If we constantly speak negative words, we are more likely to attract mostly negative things; if we constantly speak positive words, we are more likely to attract mostly positive things. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” and “whoever guards his mouth and his tongue, guards his soul from troubles” [paraphrased from Proverbs 18:21 and 21:13, respectively].


So my declaration for 2017 is it will be the year of breakthroughs and pulling down strongholds–for my hubby and me, for my family and friends, and in many areas of life!


         My Declaration for 2017–Cover Photo on my Facebook page




Here’s some of the the inspiration for my declaration!


“Do you have a dream or a vision in your heart

for something greater than what you have now?

Ephesians  3:20 tells us God is able to do

exceedingly abundantly above and beyond

all we can hope, ask, or think.

If you are not thinking, hoping, or asking–

you are cheating yourself.

There is a gold mine of dreams, visions,

abilities, and strength hidden in every life,

but you have to dig to get to it…

beyond how you feel or what is convenient.

If you will dig down deep into the spirit,

you will do greater things

than anyone could ever imagine.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”






My Reflections


Yes, I have many dreams and visions — but I have lacked the confidence, the ability, and maybe even the desire, sometimes, to follow through to see things come to fruition. I have too often given in to fear, discouragement, doubt, whining, and complaining about what I can’t do or what isn’t going right.


So it has to change. * I * have to change. I’ve had way too many strongholds built up in my life for far too many years of my life. I have to follow my own challenge for 2017: No giving in to complaining or negativity!


As I said in my post about strongholds:


Allowing a stronghold to remain in our lives is a risky situation that can hold us back from fulfilling our purpose.  Under normal circumstances, a stronghold–or a fortress–is a good thing, because it is set up as protection from attack.


However, mental strongholds, as the name implies, represent strong holds or influences over us that create a mindset that resists change. They become deeply ingrained or embedded in our minds due to frequent negative repetition.  Once they have latched on, they are very difficult to break down and remove, much like a fortress wall.


I also have to forgive myself and receive God’s forgiveness when I fall short, but then get back up and keep moving forward. I also have to acknowledge that life happens even when we’re making other plans (a quote I’ve seen attributed to MANY people), and God doesn’t always answer prayers just the way we would like or at the time we would like. But He always does answer, according to His plan and in our best interest.




So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you have dreams for more than you’re doing right now?


Do you have a plan to reach for those goals and bring them to fruition?




8 thoughts on “What Is Your Declaration for 2017? Mine Is BREAKTHROUGHS!

  1. This is a great reminder. I think many people have dreams that they would love to accomplish but lack the confidence to do so.

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