1. Karen, this is beautiful and if I didn’t know any better, you wrote this article about me and my dad. It brings tears of joy to my eyes to know that another daughter, like myself, came from a good home with a fabulous “man of the house.” It’s uncommon and you are so very blessed. What a great tribute to a wonderful man. Bless you my dear for carrying on his legacy! I love it!!

  2. Barbara Alvarez

    Karen, this is absolutely beautiful! I know where you are coming from — the love you have for your dad.

    I have the same love for my dad, and you have set off so many wonderful memories. He was always so ready to laugh, hug and love and we all miss him as I know you miss your dad.

    Keep it up!

  3. With all my heart, I wish to thank you for sharing your wealth with us. It is generous beyond count and words.
    Dads are wonderful. God blesses a few of us with the perfect father, so when we doubt that there is a God a Creator, we can still be comforted.
    Thank you. You are beautiful.

  4. Linda

    Loved this blog Karen! Your dad would be so proud of you! I know how much you miss him! We all miss him, too! He was a sweet, godly man who left an immense legacy!

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