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Uplift Each Other with Kind Words


Speak Kind Words


It’s the first Monday in March–how are you all doing? I just want to mention I’ve been getting so many nice comments from many of you who are reading my blog and I do plan to respond as soon as I can. It’s really encouraging to me to hear that what I’m sharing is helping and blessing people. That’s what my Dad did throughout his life, and this blog is dedicated to him, so I’m on track to honor my Dad.

I thank God every time I read a comment from someone about how something I shared was just what someone needed to read that day. 🙂  It’s a blessing and an honor, and highlights why it’s important to uplift each other with kind words and let someone know, instead of keeping it to yourself So … thanks again! 🙂



Here’s your inspiration for this first Monday in March…

“Every time you think anything good about anyone, verbalize it. People cannot read your mind! Your thoughts have power and may affect others’ confidence level in a minor way, but your words can really lift them up and encourage them. All people need affirmation, especially those who have been emotionally wounded or hurt by someone. We have more power than we realize we do.

Not only are right words spoken at the right time good for others, they are good for us. We experience joy in building others up. We are created by God to be a blessing. Start being what you were made to be and you will start receiving what you are meant to receive!”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



My Reflections

I’ve never been a fan of the childhood “sing-song” saying about “sticks and stones…but words will never hurt me.” It’s really NOT true, because the effect of hurtful words can last for life. Likewise, kind and encouraging words can be just what someone needs to hear to build them up and help them make better decisions for their lives.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts? 

Do you agree that words are far more damaging than some people realize?

Have you ever held back from saying positive, encouraging words that could have blessed someone?




  1. michelle

    This is so true..our words do carry weight. I’ve learned that lesson more than once.
    michelle recently posted..Cakes And Pains

    06 . Mar . 2017
  2. Gregory Pozo

    This is needed motivation to keep going. Thanks!

    06 . Mar . 2017
  3. Harshraj Jhala

    True. World is full of critics. It needs motivators.
    Harshraj Jhala recently posted..Begin Today

    06 . Mar . 2017

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