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Updates and Transitions – October 13 Discussion and Devotions


Falling back into blogging during this fall season! It has been a very busy couple of months since I last  blogged, but I’m hoping to get back into again now on a consistent basis.


Our home nestled among the beautiful fall foliage.

Our home nestled among the beautiful fall foliage.


So this falls (see what I did there?)  into the category of “everything happens for a reason” and relates to how God works all things out for our good when we trust Him and His guidance.


As I was nearing the end of my post-surgery recovery (from the reconstructive basal thumb joint surgery in May), I was hired for my first ever full-time freelance job a couple months ago. The client paid faithfully every week via PayPal, usually within one to two business days, and it was a real financial blessing after me not being able to work for three months. I was doing that job PLUS another part-time curriculum review job PLUS my dissertation studies PLUS sewing…you get the picture!


The full-time job ended abruptly at the end of last week. It had become a micro-managed, nearly “quota” type of position, with the client demanding I not do any other work for anyone else (which crosses that independent contractor/employee line) and any explanations about “taking time off” for family events or not feeling well were considered “inexcusable.”


So when I took some time off (breaking up the day, but still putting in my 8+ hours/day) to put a few hours into the flexible hours curriculum review job and to sew to complete an order, the full-time client abruptly terminated my contract, saying I wasn’t producing fast enough and I was only supposed to be working for them. Honestly, after my initial shock wore off, I realized I felt greatly relieved and even physically better, because that job really wasn’t worth the stress and its effect on my health and personal relationships.


THE SAME DAY that job terminated … upon inquiry into the possibility of additional work with my curriculum client, the project manager told me they did have an immediate need for a copy editor. I applied, completed the editing test, and was offered the position – paying nearly DOUBLE the rate from the terminated position with the other client!


So I can now work part-time hours and make more than I was with the full-time job, with considerably less stress and more flexibility. 🙂  Meaning I can add BLOGGING and SEWING back into my life – YAY!!!


Monster truck t-shirt quilt I made.
Monster truck t-shirt quilt I made 2 weeks ago.


Monster truck pillows I made.
Monster truck pillows I made last week.


Now onto some devotions for the day — amazingly relevant!

“One thing you can expect to encounter in your journey with God is the trust test.

How many times do you say to God, “What is going on in my life? What are You doing? What is happening? I don’t understand!”

If you are in a place right now where nothing in your life makes any sense, trust God anyway.

You are not just to have faith and trust in God once in awhile, or from time to  time, but at ALL times.

You must learn to live from faith to faith, trusting the Lord when things are good–and when things are bad.

There is no such thing as trusting God without unanswered questions. There are always going to be things you just don’t understand.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

As typically happens, I was amazed that today’s devotional thought was so relevant for the events of the past few days!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

First, how have you been? How is this fall season going for you so far?  Can you relate to today’s devotional thought? Do you find it difficult to trust God during difficult times or do you have the ability to see the sun above the storm clouds of life?


  1. angie

    never know what will walk in the door and allow us to do better than what we are all ready at. good for you almost gives me inspiration to know that there is hope out there. Love your handiwork very creative

    come see us at

    13 . Oct . 2015
  2. Shaylee @ Data Nerds

    It’s so wonderful how things work out sometimes! I’m so happy that you got out of that old job and into a new better one. 🙂

    13 . Oct . 2015
  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    glad things seem to be working out. Your new job sounds like it’s going to be great.

    13 . Oct . 2015
  4. Jennifer Clay

    Well, it is always nice to make more money than what you was previously making.

    13 . Oct . 2015
  5. Ruthanne

    I can totally relate to today’s devotional thought. Just trust in God every day of your life.

    13 . Oct . 2015
  6. Candess

    Great story. I ended up going into full time private practice after a car crash. My car was totaled and I couldn’t get to my job that I didn’t like, so I decided to start seeing clients in a room in my home and in a short time had a successful business. Blessing galore!

    13 . Oct . 2015
  7. tara pittman

    I agree with trusting God in the good and bad. That is great about the new job

    13 . Oct . 2015
  8. Rania

    I am so happy it worked out for you as I know how frustrating it can be at times. Glad you are back blogging 🙂

    13 . Oct . 2015
  9. Beth@FrugalFroggie

    What a turn of events. Things worked out for the best.

    13 . Oct . 2015
  10. Wood Arts Universe

    When God closes one door, he always opens another!!! Glad everything work out.

    13 . Oct . 2015
  11. victoria

    Sounds great. Congrats for your new job and going to be more success

    14 . Oct . 2015
  12. Liz Mays

    It definitely sounds like it wasn’t the right place for you, and I’m glad you’re feeling peaceful over that.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  13. Chanelle

    So glad things are taking a turn for the better. Keep pushing you are an inspiration to many. Never give up.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  14. Angie Scheie

    First off, welcome back! It’s so cool to hear how you keep being provided for. When one door closes another one truly opens!

    14 . Oct . 2015
  15. Patrice M Foster

    Sometime we have to stop so that we can reflects on our journey only then we are able to see if it’s the right path. The doors are open when the time is right.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  16. Ourfamilyworld

    I never doubted Him. I may not have been so grateful for the bad things that were thrown at me, but I’m glad I still have the ability to see the sun above the storm clouds of life.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  17. Elizabeth O.

    It’s true that when one door closes another one opens. Congratulations on the new blessings and welcome back to the blogging world!

    14 . Oct . 2015
  18. Francene Stanley

    Although my future looks bleak at the moment, I don’t despair. I always feel protected and blessed. New avenues are opening up for me too. The trick is to let go of the old circumstances and accept the new as another exciting challenge.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  19. Alana

    Such good news! My mother in law is going through a challenging time now, which is challenging us, too – another hospitalization, plus the impending death of one of her friends and the possibility her best friend may have cancer (being tested). She has been through so much in the past two years, something I must remember as we increase our caregiving roles.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  20. Karlyn Cruz

    The compensation for those kind of demands should’ve been enough that you didn’t need to take on amother project financially. They will regret losing you, I’m sure.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  21. Claudette

    As one door closes, two more will open. Patience and faith. Those are the key and it seems you had both in ample supply! All the best on this leg of the journey.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  22. Mardene carr

    Well there you go…when one door closes a much better one opens…

    14 . Oct . 2015
  23. Shann Eva

    Welcome back! I had wondered what happened to you. Sounds like you’ve got a great opportunity, plus the time to do other things you love. Perfect.

    14 . Oct . 2015
  24. Jonathan Key

    Wow that’s a really great story! Congrats on the new job and welcome back to blogging! Sometimes one door closes and another door opens in its place. God works all things for good for those who love Him and are called into His purpose. Your post was such a breath of fresh air to me today.

    15 . Oct . 2015
  25. CourtneyLynne

    Omg loving the monster truck quilt!!! What a cleaver idea!

    16 . Oct . 2015

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