1. I don’t follow devotionals but I do think about forgiveness. Seems to be a popular topic recently. Forgiveness is very personal and may require a lot of introspection. So often what stands in the way is holding onto the meaning you gave the hurt or proving you are justified. It takes too much energy to hold onto it, so I just let it go.

  2. I completely agree with this post! Forgiveness is NOT easy, but it’s worth it! Knowing the person has the potential to hurt you again (and they probably will) is scary, but it’s so damaging to your health to hold onto unforgiveness!

  3. Forgiveness is often so hard to give, especially to ourselves. We often blame ourselves for something that is not ours. Forgiving someone who has caused us pain, is very important for us to move past the pain, leave it in the past and to feel we can freely move forward. Although I don’t follow devotionals, I know the topic of forgiveness is an important if we want to truly be unburdened and unhampered. Forgiveness is for us, I agree.
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  4. I’ve had to forgive some people in the past because they broke the code of friendship and trust and it came easily because I still cared about them. The one area where it took a lot of time to forgive in the truest sense of the word was the nasty corporate politics played by a former boss who wanted his own protege and almost ruined my career in the process. By God’s Grace there were others who realized what was happening and stepped in to intervene but it did take me time to forgive this person, especially when he had the gall to tell me on my face that this was ‘corporate life’.
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  5. Elizabeth O.

    Forgiveness is something we cannot easily give to people especially if that person doesn’t deserve it. Although, it’s an important part of moving on as well. I believe in the power of forgiveness.

  6. I forgive easily, knowing that something has caused the person to behave the way they do. Sometimes, I’m glad I don’t share their experiences.
    Forgiveness is good for us. But that doesn’t mean we have to be good friends with the person who is causing the harm. Just move on.

  7. CourtneyLynne

    I’m all about forgiveness! Even if you remember whatever it is that happened… Forgiving and moving on is better for you in the long run!

  8. Forgiveness can be very hard to give at times. I find that when I do forgive someone, it helps me feel a lot better. I think just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you have to forget or to be best buddies with the person again.

  9. I always give them a second chance even when they have done something wrong but once they have lost their chance I will not be friends with them anymore. In the past I let people treat me like dirt and gave them too many chances. I agree in forgiveness because I can understand why people do the things they do but some things are too hurtful to forgive.
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