Unconscious Hanging Onto Life 30 Years Ago-March 26 Devotions

Unconscious Hanging Onto Life 30 Years Ago-March 26 Devotions

It’s hard to comprehend that 30 years ago, I was unconscious, fighting for my life in the hospital after sustaining nearly life-ending injuries and blood loss. The medical staff continued to monitor my vital signs, check for paralysis due to the broken neck, and keep me as comfortable as possible even though I had no idea they were doing all that.

And as family, friends–and even complete strangers who heard about the fire–formed a strong circle of prayer around me in the spiritual realm, I clung to life. As best as I can recall, I even had those “white tunnel” and “out of body” experiences so many people speculate about–and while I don’t clearly recall images or actual words spoken, I know I experienced the strong “knowing” sensation that it wasn’t my time to go yet.

I’m thankful on this day, 30 years later, that I can reflect on where I was…and where I am now, by the grace of God.

Now onto today’s devotions. And as always, remember you can read some Psalms and Proverbs for the day at Daily Scripture Readings.



“We believe that God is inherently good and that He is also in control of our lives. Therefore, when tragedy strikes or loss occurs, we don’t understand why God does not prevent such things from happening to us and hurting us so badly.

Faced with tragic loss, often we become angry and ask, ‘If God is good and all powerful, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?’ At such times, reasoning wants to scream out, ‘This makes no sense at all!!!’ Over and over the question, ‘Why, God, WHY??’  torments those who are grieving over losses in their lives.

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us that trust in the Lord brings assurance and direction. Trust requires allowing some unanswered questions to be in your life!

No matter how badly you may be hurting from a loss or tragedy, the Holy Spirit can give you a deep peace that some how everything will be all right. Being angry at God is useless, because He is the only one who can help.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You” 



“If you will give God what you have, no matter how little and ineffective you may think it is, God will use it and give you back more than you gave Him.

In other words, it is not our abilities that God desires, but it is our availability He wants.

He wants us to see possibilities, not problems. Don’t spend your life thinking ‘if only’ you had something else, then you could do something worthwhile.

‘If only’ is a thief of what could be.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional


-1- Wow, I can certainly relate to this first one, especially in light of my reflections on nearly dying 30 years ago. I didn’t really understand then–nor do I fully understand now–why it had to happen. I also have to confess that I struggled even more with the “Why, God, why?” question when my dear Dad passed away back in 2002 after his brief battle with lymphoma. Yet even in his passing, and even in my near death, God had a plan and people have reflected on God’s compassion and embraced relationships with God in ways they might not have otherwise.

-2- I especially like these two phrases in this devotional–serious food for thought:

God is  more interested in our AVAILABILITY, than our abilities.

‘If only’ is a thief of what could be.”


So what are YOUR thoughts? Have you struggled, or are you now struggling, with “Why, God, why?” in some area of your life or the lives of your loved ones? Do you find it easy to simply trust God is in control, in spite of how things appear, or does it frustrate you to have those unanswered questions in your life?

What do you think about the concept of God being interested in your availability versus your abilities, even though He is the One who gives us those abilities? Do you agree that getting hung up on “if only” steals what “could be” reality in our lives?


9 thoughts on “Unconscious Hanging Onto Life 30 Years Ago-March 26 Devotions

  1. Hi K Lee,
    Last summer, I begged God not to take my sister. But he did this past January. She was young (just 57) and did so much to encourage everyone around her! It has been really hard to let go. It’s early days yet in my grief process. I know she is out of her pain but I still can’t believe she’s gone and this was to be such a wonderful time in her life with her grandchildren who she adored! She loved Joyce Meyer, too, and we used to watch her together. I have heard that phrase before, “God is more interested in our availability than our abilities.” I find comfort in that.
    Amy Bovaird recently posted..Matt Harris, AuthorMy Profile

  2. That’s so amazing that you had a great support system when you needed it and that you are hear to talk about it 30 years later. Great daily devotions 🙂

  3. I struggle with knowing that my best friend, who is 62, survived cancer (one with a relatively low survival rate) when she was 29. Then, three years ago, she was diagnosed with a different cancer with an even lower survival rate. She has suffered through three years of chemo and more. She has been through so much, and has experienced other heartache in her life. Why? Why her? I have never found the answer.
    Alana recently posted..It’s About TimeMy Profile

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