1. Brandi H

    All my past experiences have taught me a lot. It’s all been great lessons both the good and the bad. Thanks for sharing the Friday inspiration.

  2. Yes, it’s true. Years ago we called it “learning the hard way” or “the school of hard knocks”. All experiences teach us and make us into the person we are today, and our mistakes and our pain teach us some of our most valuable lessons.

  3. I think that all of us experience lessons of life. The difference is how we perceive them. If we actually learn from them or ignore them.

  4. Stephanie Ortez

    This is my personal quote: “Stop running towards finding yourself, instead, create yourself” I think we spend so much time trying to change who we are instead of learning how to love ourselves. We need to embrace ourselves fully, that way we know what we want in life and we learn how to achieve it.

  5. Danne Reed

    Each of us has a mess, what important is how we deal with it. Yes, I believe that failures will lead to victory.

  6. I had seen my own past experiences that partly were both failing and successful. I sometimes accept my failures but learn my lessons. I look at my past experiences, I feel strongly and I am a better person. I am aware of that I am not so perfect. Your message is adorable. I admire Joyce Meyer’s quote. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh, I’ve had many hard lessons of life that God has used. In fact, I’m going through a doozy of one now. I keep reminding myself that this too will be used for good.

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