1. I completely agree. Transformation and subsequent growth are vital to a happy and healthy existence. I think we have to be open to change and willing to change. I don’t believe God wants us to be mindlessly stagnant. There are always challenges and obstacles before us and real growth comes from crawling over and not around.

  2. Many years ago I was making changes in my relationships particularly the one with my mum which had had its struggles. I remember warning her that I was making changes and I didn’t know what effect this would have on us – I wanted to get to know her person to person free of the label ‘Mum and Daughter’with all that entailed. Our relationship changed for the better.

  3. I have felt the pressure to conform to other people wishes. I learned it really doesn’t matter. As those peopel will bad talk me no matter if I conform to their ways or not.

  4. I think, as we grow older, many of us start to be more true to ourselves than to the roles others try to assign to us. But, in family relationships, those roles are hard to reverse. Change isn’t well received. But, it is necessary to make these changes.

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